milestone birthdays

“This has been my best ‘milestone’ birthday,” said I a few times last night.

If it were me, I’d be content to let these “milestones” go, but , but society says you need to acknowledge…

I guess my first milestone was 13, with my Bat Mitzvah. Big deal in my family, as I was the first female in our family to get Bat Mitzvahed. The actual party part, I felt was more my parents’ party than my own. While some of my other friends had fun themes that they chose, my parents pretty much called the shots. And at that age, I was quite shy and awkward and just felt like I wanted to dodge the spotlight (and was useless on the dance floor!)

Next milestone…18? I think that one may have been birthday cake and drinks in the dorm (I didn’t have fake ID yet)

21 was a doozy. It was a Friday, I think I started drinking around 4:30. The bar I went to-the one bar that you actually needed to be 21 to get into-gives out a complementary champagne bottle on someone’s 21st b-day. My intention was to share it. I was told by friends “No, you drink it, it’s your birthday.” I’m sure you can imagine how that one turned out.

25 I guess would be next…and I actually was not in much of a celebratory mood for that one, as it was 2 weeks after 9/11. (Plus I think the actual day of was on Yom Kippur…) But did dinner/drinks with some friends and co-workers.

So that brings me to the next “milestone,” 30. A couple friends convinced me to not let it go and to do something. So, I rented out the 2nd floor of Red Sky, sent out an evite, and lo and behold, approximately 50 very cool peeps were joining in the celebration last night. The drinks were flowing, the music the DJ was playing was great, and I was working the room like a good hostess should. (And I used my influence with the co-owner to my advantage…as another party at first was taking our area…but no I was not having that one!) But yeah, when you work the room, you tend to lose track of things (how many Cosmos I had knocked back) or forget to do things (like grab a bite to eat.) I did have to get cut off, and I did have to get some assistance getting home. Not the way I would have wanted the night to end (I felt bad making friends worry like that) but it could have been a lot worse…but so much for me getting smarter with age! hah!

(Surprisingly, didn’t feel too bad today…guess I got most of it out of my system last nite and slept the rest of it off…)

But despite how it ended, I enjoyed myself, I was very happy to see everyone, and glad to see everyone enjoying themselves too. This was the best milestone birthday because the celebration was truly “mine”…if it makes any sense.

Resting up today and hopefully will be OK for the half tomorrow morning!! (and hope the predicted rain holds off too…) I picked up my bib today and saw the “F30” on it…oh man, it really is official now!! šŸ™‚

now playing: “can’t get you out of my head” ~ kylie minogue

4 thoughts on “milestone birthdays

  1. Sounds like you had a great birthday. Congrats.

  2. Looks like you did what I do on my birthday and stretch it out for an entire week. Good for you! And it appears that you made it through in one piece.

  3. That should’ve been “stretchED” by the way.

  4. I wouldn’t worry about what society does or doesn’t think as far as birthdays go. Some people like to celebrate and some don’t; to each his own, and viva le difference. In any case, it sounds like you had a great time and I wish I could have been there!

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