officially a submaster

even though i have been the 30-somethings co-captain of the Flyers since this January, I join the age group officially today. (and it will be announced to the world-at least the Flyers world- where our weekly email will say that I am “now a submasters runner.” thanks to Dr. Evil for that one 😉 )

official celebration won’t be til the end of the week, but for today my present to myself will be leaving work at 5:30 and going to speedwork (haven’t been able to go in weeks!) we’ll see whatever other little surprises pop up along the way…


19 thoughts on “officially a submaster

  1. happy birthday!!!

  2. Welcome to your thirties!! I think I mentioned before that they really ARE better than your twenties. Have a great day!!

  3. Happy Birthday:-) Have a great day!

  4. oh the fun REALLY begins now my friend.seriously, my thirties were to die for!! so so SO much fun. by the time you hit 35 you will wonder why it took so long!and i know how you feel about the whole (sub) masters thing…i freaked out when i heard i was a masters!! i thought that meant like 60y/o’s or something!!!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  5. Happy Burpday – Belated Burpday drinks in November are on me – Welcome to the ranks of almost Old :)PS – Wait till you hit my age group (in many years to come)

  6. Happy birthday! You can always disable the birthday notification in the weekly email. (I did.) Takes no more than 10 seconds total.

  7. I can’t think of anything original to say, so I’ll just say what everyone else has said — happy birthday!!!

  8. You’re THIRTY!?!? You’re kidding!! As in three-zero?? Three entire decades?!? Wow, are you ever old!!! Geez, I didn’t think humans could live that long! And there’s even a running category for it? Do they really think someone that old can even walk anymore?! That’s a bit optimistic, don’t ya think!?!.Well, I hope that ol’ ticker of yours doesn’t give out before we get to celebrate. Obviously it’ll be a quiet and early night — you just can’t party like you used to anymore, you know. Make sure you bring your walker. And bifocals. And hearing aid. And your other more discreet senior essentials.Happy Birthday, my friend, from your resident expert on age. It’s all downhill from here!

  9. Sorry, I just had to post again… I just can’t believe it… Thirty!?! I really didn’t know numbers went up that high…!

  10. Happy Quarter-Century-Plus-5! (does that make it sound better?? or worse?) I hope you have an awesome day!

  11. Slightly late, but Happy Birthday!Don’t worry, 30 is no age at all!

  12. submasters!!! i thought we were in our physical peak until 35 or so. Submasters?? who knew such a term existed!!!well, i’m close behind to submaster status :phappy birthday!!!! enjoy yourself!!!!

  13. Happy birthday!I like “submasters” — I think that I’ll incorporate that into my vocabulary.Also, I take offense at Audrey’s assertion about being at a physical peak until 35. I can’t be going downhill yet!Enjoy your day!

  14. Happy 9th anniversary of your 21st birthday!

  15. Welcome to the club! Continued great running!Happy Birthday!

  16. thanks everyone!and FYI-i think “submasters” is a Flyer-coined term…I hadn’t ever heard it elsewhere before.SS-I actually decided I was fine with having it in the weekly…then I saw what Dr. Evil (at least i think it was him) did! my oh my :-pskylight-heh heh heh you’re quite the comedian.

  17. Happy Birthday!Actually “submasters” is an old, old term (no pun intended). The first time I heard it was in the early 80’s. It fell out of favor in the mid-90’s but has been on the comeback trail recently.

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