fall into fall

yeah, even though the calendar said it was fall a coupla days ago, it hasn’t felt like it. as this morning’s 4-miler felt as humid and muggy as one of the summer mornings.

I decided to do a little re-arranging, as shown by me sneaking in a 4-miler this morning where I previously had a rest day. this week was originally intended to be a cutback week in anticipation of the holidays creating a “washout” of sorts, and this coming week would be the first of my peak 40-mile weeks. However, I really do not want to be racing a half marathon at the end of a 40-mile week, and lord knows I ate enough this weekend* that said short run was necessary. (I was just reminded of why I do not like running around my hometown, the sidewalks are not kept very well.) So 40 down for this week, cutting back to 34 this coming week, with Grete’s Great Gallop at the tail end of the week.

Oh, and for my long run this past week on Friday-I decided on a little bit of a creative route that included some park time (where I ran into Derek and he ran with me for the first couple of miles-though it looked like it was killing him to slow down to my snail-like pace) but eventually headed out of the park to do an out-and-back over the Queensboro Bridge. Decided it would not hurt at all to get in some mental prep…anyway, the bridge really wasn’t as bad as it has been advertised (I think the hills in Lake Placid and the Palisades are much worse)…especially going from Manhattan to Queens…but going back the other way, I can see why it may be tougher. As I said, good mental prep and I intend to do this long run one more time.

*That includes 2 Rosh Hashanah dinners, birthday-specific desserts (ice cream cake, and a tollhouse pie-think a chocolate chip cookie made into a pie!), and dinner tonite with la familia at Sambuca for the soon-to-be birthday girl…


3 thoughts on “fall into fall

  1. Damn that dessert sounds good!Looking forward to celebrating the birthday on Friday night, I hope?Seems like the running is going well. Funny, I saw Derek twice in the park this past week. Sounds like he’s been putting in the miles, too.

  2. Don’t you love the holidays…you certainly do learn how to eat like a champ;) Smart move with the mileage…your legs will thank you Sunday!And while we’re at it…I had a Derek spotting Thursday night.

  3. Welcome to Queens! The bridge ain’t so bad… It’s the 16 miles before that makes it difficult.

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