is it possible to be allergic to work?

ok, i know i have been bitching about work as of late, but i’m really not kidding about this one. i have major coughing fits in the office which always seem to go away when I go outside. wonder if that is a sign. or something.

anyway, so far this week, i have managed to get the mileage in. today i wasn’t really feeling the speed workouts either group was doing…the nighttime crew were planning on 200-meter repeats…i didn’t really want to be sprinting at this stage of the game. The 6 am crew were planning on Cat Hill repeats…I think 4 times up Cat Hill during Saturday’s long run was enough for me, thank you!! I was craving longer repeats, so I decided on a workout I haven’t done in quite awhile…3 x 1 mile (plus recoveries) on the reservoir. Start at west 86th, jog to the “0” at Engineer’s Gate, then run a hard mile to the 1760 yard marker back at the staring point. And repeat twice. (Though I have to admit I cheated a little with the recoveries…I took my time with those.) Anyway, was aiming to run the miles in the 7:30-7:40ish range. First was 7:32 so I worried I may have rabbited that one…second was 7:41…pulled it together for the third to run it smack dab in the middle at 7:36. I had almost decided to scrap that last mile in exchange for 2 x 880s, but decided to stick it out. All in all, not too bad. My legs have not totally forgotten how to go fast!! (Though I still think back wistfully to the last time I did this workout about 2 years ago where I ran splits of 7:42, 7:29 and 7:18. Then again, I seem to remember there wasn’t killer humidity like there was this morning.)

And pretty much halfway through the week…just 2 more mornings of “weekday” runs…then my cutback long run will be on Friday due to Rosh Hashanah being this weekend, and I think I will try and make that one a more creative route than 2 park loops. I decided I am getting all my work done by end of day Thursday if it kills me, and taking Friday off to get my long run in at my leisure…then heading home for the remainder of the weekend, meaning 2 consecutive rest days!! (I know there would be no way I’d get in a long run this weekend being with la familia…)

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5 thoughts on “is it possible to be allergic to work?

  1. you can do it!! almost to friday! and the 2 rest days will be FABULOUS…

  2. I have to say it’s been impressive reading about your and the other Flyers’ training. I was pretty involved in the running community in Chicago, but I never witnessed anyone working so hard at their training as you do, especially given the pressure you’re under at work. Granted, I’m a slower runner compared to you and Sister Smile, but even so, most runners I trained with were focused on the mileage versus the pace and speedwork. Hell, I was the only one in my training group who did speedwork, and I didn’t do it consistently except for during training for my second marathon. It was all I could do with the hours I was working to get out and complete my mileage for the week.Keep it up — you’re almost there!

  3. Maybe there’s something wrong with the air conditioning unit in your office?Nice work on the repeats.

  4. audrey-yay…i did make it!! it was torture the last 2 days forcing myself out of bed early though…BCG-well, as i said before, i do think this training is what is partially maintaining my sanity 🙂 and yep, i am focused on the mileage but what i like about speedwork is that it is a good opportunity to mix things up a little bit and still get the mileage in.thomas-i’ll tell ya, the climate control in my office has never been right. in the part of the office where my old cube was, it was always too warm. now here, it’s not too bad-but if I’m in the office past 6:30 (which I have been a lot lately)-it’s freezing. plus there is a vent right by my cube that I think may be causing it…I do intend to bring it up to the office manager.

  5. it is TOTALLY possible to be allergic to work! i know EXACTLY how you feel!though sometimes i feel allergic to running too…hmmmm

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