thank god it’s almost friday. and gawd, not a moment too soon.

yeah, i’ve been quiet (for a change.) didn’t have that much exciting stuff to blog about…the week’s been pretty routine….run, work (or vice versa), come home, crash while watching TV. (little deviation from the routine one night for a Flyer exec board meeting. yeah, completely lived on the edge that night.) all work and no play makes me a dull girl.

and i guess Saturday’s 20-miler took a lot out of me…I was completely dragging Monday and Tuesday. Didn’t even have to force myself to take it easy with the pace, my legs just did not want to go. As a result, probably my slowest runs in an extremely long time. This time of year, especially with the cooler temps, I’m supposed to be feeling stronger and faster and I’m just not-to the point where I’m starting to doubt my training.

Tonight was a little better…anticipating another semi-late night at the office, I just changed at the NYSC near work and did 5 miles on the west side highway and some of the local streets of the West Village and Chelsea. (OK, this run was originally supposed to happen this morning, and I had the alarm set and everything, but my greedy body decided it wanted more sleep than I could afford to give it. grrr.) Felt a little better (then again, I wasn’t really keeping time.) But this route actually worked out well, I might have to look into some creative 6, 7, and 8-mile routes around that area…the days are getting shorter, and honestly, getting to 90th and 5th by 7pm for a group run has not been overly realistic these days. (I have decided my birthday gift to myself, as it falls on a Tuesday, will be to leave work at 5:30 and go do speedwork. heh heh.)


3 thoughts on “TGIAF

  1. Seems to be an epidemic right now of “the flesh is willing, but the spirit is weak.” I wouldn’t doubt your training — there are going to be some “down” spots. It’s par for the course when you’re training for a big race. Think about how hard you’re pushing yourself, and that’s in addition to working a lot and, it sounds like, not enjoying your job very much. And for some reason, it seems a lot of people I know are low on energy, getting sick, etc. Funny that you mention how much “fun” you’re having — I am just about to blog about the same thing. All work and no play makes Jane a dull girl, so I vowed today as I looked down the road at the semester and its overwhelming demands that come hell or high water, I’m doing something fun once a work week – whether it’s grabbing drinks or dinner or seeing a movie or doing something spontaneous. Otherwise, I’ll lose my mind.

  2. Now it is…TGIF!

  3. I feel the same way! This week has taken years off my life. I was lucky to get in the few runs I did. I hope things calm down for you soon.

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