if it looks wrong…

yep, i knew i was right to question that 23-minute first 5K split in that little 13.1 mile stroll through Manhattan. The latest results have that fixed…so looks like my splits (net time) netted out as follows…

5k-25:45 (8:18 pace)
10k-51:37 (8:19 pace)
“15k”-1:17:57 (who knows the pace…but dammit, if the 15K mat would have been in the right place it would have been a 15K PR.)

so since i wound up with an 8:13 pace, guess i didn’t run as bad a race at the end as I thought. (I’m still too much of a competitive biatch to say I’m completely satisfied though!! :-p )

wish i had more fun stuff to report, but unfortunately I think i’ve been spending more time at the office this week than I have at home. i even had to put a (temporarily) permanent away message on my instant messenger telling peeps to only IM me if it’s business related or urgent (though some peeps seem to have an interesting definition of what’s urgent…tee hee.) i hope to be able to stay awake through the Sex and the City reruns, but early morning and 6 miles will come too soon. sweet dreams, all.

6 thoughts on “if it looks wrong…

  1. Given you are so busy, maybe we should write shorter notes so that you can save some time :)Work/Run Balance is always fun – Who needs a life anyway?

  2. You know, I just don’t get why it’s so hard to put the mile markers and timing mats down in the right place… That seems like it “should” be fairly easy. What gives?Good luck with work this week.

  3. gaah–work! Sorry it’s taking up all of your time/energy. I hope you had a successful run this AM. Have fun with the Palisades–I think I’m going to run long solo this weekend; too much risk with all the latest injury flair-ups.

  4. liam-you sure you don’t work for my company or something?josh-it’s hard because the mile marker dudes always seem to be drunk when positioning them. only possible solution to this one is 12-step for those guys, i think.runner26-i’m somehow still getting the runs in…i just miss you guys. smart choice for you to stay a little closer to home this weekend (i’ve heard the Palisades course is not for the weak of heart)-hope you’re doing LTR #2 next weekend!!

  5. That WAS urgent. C’mon now.

  6. nope, sorry, wasn’t a matter of life and death…

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