oh, that they could always seem so easy…

was on my own for speedwork this morning. i knew i wasn’t going to escape the office in time for speedwork tonite, and the 6 am crew were doing bridle path hill repeats, which i really wasn’t up for. i decided i need work on that hill by tavern (after all, that is the finish line for a couple of my upcoming races. so i decided on a tried and true workout…6 repeats of that hill (.2192 miles according to GMaps), jogging downhill for recovery.

Time Pace
1 1:34 7:08
2 1:33 7:04
3 1:34 7:08
4 1:33 7:04
5 1:34 7:08
6 1:30 6:50

Nice and consistent, then hit it hard at the end. The way a good workout should be. Maybe I’m actually getting this pacing thing down… (and an added bonus-no crowds this time!! heh heh.)

Oh if only that hill could feel so easy at the end of those races…

1 more 6-mile weekday run this week, and I’m thinking I’ll sneak in that 6-miler on on Thursday morning. Then my first 20 miler on Saturday, up in the Palisades with the Flyers!! And honestly, compared to how work has been going lately, I think that long run will be a breeze…

now playing: “everything (kaskade’s big room mix)” ~ kaskade


4 thoughts on “oh, that they could always seem so easy…

  1. Nice going on the consistent pacing. I always have trouble with that.I might see you in New Jersey, if I can volunteer on Saturday. Whether I do or not, have a great long run.

  2. Great pacing on the hills. Despite your mishap in Brooklyn, you are in great shape and will be brilliant come November. I’ll be cheering you, and all the other fellow NYCM Bloggers, from over here.

  3. A 20 miler already? Damn, you are on track. I’m only up to a 16-miler scheduled for this weekend.Yeah, that hill… it never seems much when I’m doing clockwise loops by myself and I’m all “what’s the big deal?” then a race comes, even just a 10K, and we go pounding up that hill and then it’s “OH, THAT’s the big deal!” I might try some speed workouts on it myself over the next few weeks, thanks for the idea.

  4. skylight-you should volunteer if you can-I volunteered at that run 2 years ago and had a great time doing so.liam-yeah, i think my legs forgot the wipe-out. i still have the battle wounds on my elbow though :)brooklyn-you’re not too far behind at all!! and nice new profile piccy too 🙂

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