halfway there

9 weeks down, 9 to go.

and i guess at the halfway point, i’d say training is going pretty well so far. wish i could say the same about other parts of my life. let’s just say these next 9 weeks are going to be a challenge, as things at work are going from bad to worse.

yesterday i tried to be a little creative with my long run-i wanted to do something different than multiple loops of Central Park for 16 miles. I guess I was on the same wavelength as Jon was, as I too started my run with the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges. My 16.3 miler started with the same route that the Flyers used for their moonlight run back in July, then a little creative maneuvering around city streets and the West Side Highway to get to the park, then a lower 5 loop. Anyway, at the very beginning of the run, I guess on the Brooklyn Bridge descent, I majorly wiped out (and it happened on the Brooklyn side…see, I said Brooklyn will never be my borough…sorry Brooklynites!) minorly skinned both knees, majorly skinned my right elbow, and the top of my navel ring got knocked off in the fall. Still continued on, and made it to the end-I probably should have taken gel twice instead of once (took it around the 10-mile point)…at the end I really didn’t feel like I would have been able to continue on for another 10 miles.

So outside of running, it’s not going to be a fun next few months at all. Blog updates may be less frequent. We’ll see. I just hope to be able to make it to the start line…however I get there…

8 thoughts on “halfway there

  1. I’m with you on just trying to make it to the start line! Wow–sorry to hear about the wipeout. That sounded painful–though I’ve definitely done that on many occasions. It sounds like it was a great run despite the fall. You will make it–I’m sure of that. I, on the other hand, am just hoping I don’t fall apart before nov. 5…

  2. Wow, that sucks on the wipe-out. Don’t worry about feeling like you couldn’t do another 10. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve finished 10-12 and think, “wow, I don’t think I could have made it to 15, much less 26.” It’ll all come together though. You’ll make it to the start and through; no problem.

  3. Hope the wipe-out wasn’t too bad. You managed to continue, so I guess it was manageable.It’s irrelevant that you didn’t think you would have been able to continue for 10 more miles. By the time of the marathon you will be fitter due to more training and rested due to the taper.No worries.

  4. Sorry to hear about the wipe out and the job taking up more and more time.Hang tough and you get to the start line and bust through the finish line too!

  5. thanks all. it actually doesn’t hurt too much, but the elbow looks painful :)and as for the job…well who’da thunk that something would make a 20-mile run seem easy…or at the very least less scary? 🙂

  6. Your job woes could actually help your running. During my last marathon, I was going through a mountain of s–t at work. It was probably the worst period of my life, hands down. I was a ball of stress, trying to deal with a highly manipulative principal and a mostly intimidated group of colleagues, which made for little support on the job. But that added fuel to my fire during the race. I remember thinking as I struggled through those last six miles (which, I’m sure you’ve heard, ARE the marathon), this is nothing compared to what I’ve been dealing with 9-5. And that got me through.

  7. Job woes can help. I remember during the last portion of my training last year there were some anxious moments.I’m glad the training is going well so far…it’s as I have said to others…I’m living the marathon through you;)Goodluck this weekend…!

  8. i think marathon training is the only thing that is going to keep me sane the next 2 months 🙂

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