five years.

Five years ago yesterday (9/1)…a 20-something year old girl packed up the majority of her room in her parents’ house in suburban NJ, and with the help of several people, moved it into a 4th-floor walk-up apartment on East 33rd St and 3rd Avenue.

Oh I remember all too well how excited I was about this…Murray Hill was at the top of my list of neighborhoods, and that I found a place there the first day looking? I didn’t care that it wasn’t in a fancy building-it’s all about location!! And the girl I was moving in with seemed like a nice, fun girl as well-this was her first place in the city too. (yeah, i know it took me awhile to escape the shackles of my parents’ place. I had a car to pay off for 3 years. and also…oops, involves the Ex, I’m not going there…)

The actual moving day…well we found out that the landlord totally overpromised a 9/1 move-in date…as renovations in the building weren’t complete yet. I think our place was better off than some other apartments in the building. I remember moving day was a hot day (apparently some building residents remembered me running around in a sports bra while trekking up and down the stairs…lol) but once the bulk of it was done, my roomie and I hit the 3rd Ave bars and had a fun nite.

But, as I’m sure you could tell from the move-in date…though we wouldn’t have known it at the time, our move-in date was poorly timed. I think my roommate took it harder than I did-then again she was closer to downtown when it happened. Anyways, the next 2 years consisted of a coupla roommate changes (the 1st one wound up buying a studio before the lease was up, so I had a subletter for the remainder of the year, but found a new one for the next year), a job change, some money issues, some male heartbreak, other crap, and I dunno, just a feeling, that I wasn’t sure that I could ever truly make this city my home.

In the summer of ’03, my roommate told me that she would be getting free housing from her grad school and that she’d be moving out. And as I didn’t want to deal with the search for another roommate-I decided to peruse the Craigslist ads and take a chance at finding a studio apartment. I thought Murray Hill was a great neighborhood and I would have loved to have stayed there, but I had a feeling I was going to have to move uptown-be it east side or west side.

The first apartment I saw was on the UWS in the 70s-and was very small…little too small for comfort…I said “next.” Then one Friday night after a long workweek, I didn’t really feel like going out, and that turned out to be a great decision…I browsed the ads, and saw an ad for an affordable brownstone studio in the west 80s, a block from Central Park, with a 9/1 move-in date. I wasted no time in sending an email, and apparently I was the first to respond-so I was the first to see the place. I saw it the next morning and knew it was my place. I had an application in on Monday, confirmation that the apartment was mine on Tuesday, and moved in at the very end of August.

In a way, I think that move was a turning point of sorts. If I hadn’t moved uptown, I may not have taken up running like I did (thanks to my proximity to Central Park), may not have gotten inspired to run the marathon someday, might not have joined the Flyers…and so on. While there is one thing in my life that still needs major fixing (those of you who know me “off the blog” know what that is)…outside of that, I think things are much better 50 blocks north.

And into my 4th year in my cozy studio and as long as I can still afford the rent, I ain’t moving!! I wouldn’t give up a place within stumbling distance of the park if I didn’t have to 🙂

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6 thoughts on “five years.

  1. The UWS is great! The only way I’m leaving my place is feet first.

  2. LONG LIVE MURRAY HILL!!!!!!!!!!!!! – sorry i cant help myself 😉

  3. Sounds like you found a pretty cool place, and have had 5 years of ups and downs in the Big City.Although never having lived in NY (kind of obvious really), I have visited many times, and your location sounds perfect for the Park, and the bars that surround the UWS. I look forward to revisiting some in November.

  4. Happy anniversary! 🙂 We share one there — I’m celebrating 2 years.

  5. Happy Five Year! I hope I feel the same affinity for this city if I’m here for another four years. By the way, I don’t think Murray Hill has anything on the UWS!

  6. Tell ya what, I say both neighborhoods are great. 🙂 I liked Murray Hill a lot, but I have a feeling I would have outgrown it even if I haven’t moved. The UWS is perfect for right now (despite the abundance of baby strollers.)

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