red red wine…goes to my head…

midweek hangover. not fun.

beautiful nite in the park last nite. lots of friends, food and wine. perfect weather…even the slightest bit of chill in the air giving us that little bit of a fall teaser. the music was lovely, even though it took background to all our chatting. (though we did get “shushed” several times. but sitting as far back as we were, there was no reason for that.) and i’m surprised the wine even lasted til the end of the evening 🙂

but boy i paid for it dearly this morning. you know it was bad when i couldn’t even have my coffee because i was afraid it’d make me sick. i don’t know how i got through the workday…

somehow i escaped the shackles of my desk to make it to the Flyers group run. did the full 6-mile loop, plus 2 miles to and from the east side to make it a cool 8 for the day. (and just as i got back to the west side, ran into the TRD‘ers just finishing up their torture speed workout 🙂 )once again, i pretty much brought up the rear…wanting to take it really easy with the pace, as i had a killer hill workout to recover from. i actually wasn’t as upset about it today…as the race and my last few speed workouts have shown, maybe there actually is something to that “not leaving my race on the training routes” thing. and as long as i can be fast when i need to be, when it really counts…

now playing: “dreams” ~ deep dish


7 thoughts on “red red wine…goes to my head…

  1. OK, Flygirl…was that you whipping around the Reservoir near 86th and the West Side? I couldn’t quite tell because it was dark, but I’d just seen the Dogs as well.

  2. Well….we didn’t drink ALL the wine!…I still have the MONSTER bottle….down the drain it goes!, ans I am really not a total wino 🙂

  3. chicagogal…yep, that was probably meeeee. i had stopped to talk to the Dogs right after I got off the rez, so we probably just missed each other!yelbis-nooooo!! if only i knew, i would have offered to take it off your hands :-p

  4. you are going to lovvvvee the nike tshirt 😉 You are going to ask yourself, “did i pay $60 for this piece of s*!t!?!?!??!?!”

  5. i actually do like the nike shirt!! you know baby blue is my color. seriously :)(and also glad that it doesnt have the race # on it, like they do at the damn Run Hit Wonder…gonna be way too hot for short sleeves!)

  6. Gotta go with Morrissey. I am sure it wasn’t planned that the free shirts are lame and the ones they have for sale are actually kinda cool.Sorry about your hang over. Those are misserable days but good for you for getting the run in anyway.

  7. i seriously do not know how you run the day after a drinking night…guess i am just too old!!

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