take that, west side hills

oh those hills. always my Achilles’ heel in races. Always the reason why I always seem to bomb mile 3 in those 4-milers that start/end at 72nd. I kicked their ass today…haha. The workout was 3 round trips…start at west 86th, run to the water fountain at west 93rd. recover and repeat. I’ve always felt the clockwise (northbound) direction is easier than the counterclockwise (southbound) direction…and I guess my splits show that too. GMaps says this distance is .4035 miles. I’m believing it. 😀

Time Pace Comment
1 2:51 7:03 northbound-really tried hard not to rabbit! had someone else to pace with.
2 2:51 7:03 southbound-ran this one with my pacer and one of our masters superstars
3 2:49 6:58 northbound-my pacer said she was pulling back on this one. ha.
4 2:50 7:01 southbound-my pacer stopped after this one…oh what will i do pacing on my own…
5 2:46 6:51 northbound-whoa!! where the hell did that one come from?
6 2:51 7:03 southbound-tired as hell, but hung in there

Combined with a warm-up and cool-down, that gave me about 4 and a half miles for the day. I think I’ve earned the right to take it easy (well intensity-wise at least, not mileage-wise) until the half on Sunday! And the right to sip on some red red wine tonite while socializing listening to music on Central Park’s Great Lawn…


2 thoughts on “take that, west side hills

  1. nice hill workout–i never thought to do hills in CP. I should try that sometime. I guess I’ll see you tonight on the Great Lawn 😉

  2. Good workout. Definitely take it easy until the half.

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