staying on course

oh, it would have been just too easy Sunday to take a lazy day. but nah, i had no excuse not to bang out 12, just needed to take it slow.

i ran into Chelle right before I started my run and chatted a little about the race the day before (in addition to the running partners she mentions here.) I set off, determined to get my run in before the predicted isolated T-storms would move into the area. And boy was it hot…the first 6-mile loop wasn’t that bad, but I struggled on the 2nd. I tried to chance not carrying Gatorade with me, hoping that my gels and Endurolytes would suffice but nope. Bought a bottle after about 9 miles and downed it faster than a tequila shot-which gave me the boost to finish up. And along the course, I saw Coach J 4 times and Moz twice 🙂 And after I got home, I downed probably the nastiest recovery drink I’ve ever tasted (pleasant tasting, my a$$!) I had gotten samples for free at the multisport carnival…so you get what you pay for i guess…

Another thing that had been on my mind-Chelle did refer to a little bit here-the presence of “ringers” at the Club Champs. Basically, those who either have never run an NYRR race before in their life, or they only come out once a year for this race (it’s double points…so for some teams, this is a good chance to catch up. or get ahead.) Despite the Flyer open women probably having, time-wise, the strongest team we’ve had at this race in a long time (might have been possibly due to this course being sans Harlem Hill,) our women wound up 9th, our lowest showing since I’ve been a member. And even though our team really isn’t uber-competitive, it’s still a little disheartening that we got pushed back since a couple of teams ahead of us didn’t really “play by the rules.” (well maybe they sorta did. But I remember there used to be a rule that in order to run in the Club Champs, you must have run at least one NYRR race for said team? what happened to that?) It happens every year…for whatever reason, it was more prominent this year, it seemed. On a more positive note, our open men kicked ass once again-the double points they scored in this race just lengthened their lead in the open “B” division.

So anyway, getting back to business…today was an XT day (running muscles needed the break!) tomorrow, I think I will tackle the West Side Hills in the morning to leave my evening free to enjoy some wine and music under the stars (and hopefully no rain this time!)

now playing: “so special (original mix)” ~ judge jules


2 thoughts on “staying on course

  1. Unfortunately the rule changed…you don’t actually have to run a race with the club prior to the race. I inquired too but all it says is to be a member of a club for 90 days prior…how you can know that…? THat is why it SEEMED to be more prevalent this year…because it probably was!

  2. yeah i saw that…time for that rule to be re-instated, methinks?

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