winding down

gotta love summer Fridays sometimes. I really needed this one. As I said to a few people last nite, I was calling this one a “hangover Friday.” I double-booked myself last nite, and my drinks over the course of the nite included a strawberry margarita, 2 glasses of prosecco (sparkling wine) and a glass of pinot grigio. (good thing i turned down that last glass of wine, right?) so yeah, mixing. don’t feel too bad today though.

The margarita was at the Boat Basin in honor of a friend’s birthday 😉 before I headed to the east side for a fundraiser party one of my teammates was having. My teammate fundraises every year for the marathon, and hosts a fun party with some type of creative theme. This one had a Vegas theme-complete with Elvis!! Though I know quite a few of the guests enjoyed him, I’m honestly not the biggest Elvis fan, so me and a few others stepped outside where it was a little quieter and enjoyed the beautiful night and the view. Oh yeah, did I mention that this party was held on the rooftop of an apartment building on the UES with an amazing view of the city? Fun night, and no worse for wear today.

This week has been insane, not only with the workload and the move. Wednesday night, the Flyers (with the help of 2 other tri clubs-AGTC and TANYC) hosted their 2nd annual “multisport carnival”-which was pretty much a makeshift expo with…i’m guessing around 30? 35?…run/swim/bike/other vendors or clubs in the area. i bought a little t-shirt from the Raising Heartrates calendar booth that says on the front “I raise heartrates.” can’t wait to wear it. LOL.

other notables-i got a nice email informing me that there will be preferred starting corrals at the upcoming NYC Half and that I have run a time in at least 1 NYRR race this year that gets me in (however, i’m in the 3rd of 3 preferred corrals, but every little bit helps…)

i’ve been on my feet so much this week, no wonder my running legs have been dead. my last run this week before the race was an easy 4 on the bridle path and reservoir on Thursday morning but my legs still felt tired. I’m really hoping this 48-hour rest period will do something to get the legs back before the Club Champs tomorrow morning. My 5-mile PR is just under 38 minutes…and I know I’m nowhere near that kind of shape right now, but at this point, I’ll take anything under 40…just to let me know that I am on the right track with my training. Running gods, what do you say?

3 thoughts on “winding down

  1. Hey…that’s a great tshirt. Maybe I’ll get on someday if it comes in another color :).Good luck at the club champs (and enjoy the picnic for me!!)…as it turns out, I have to work tomorrow!

  2. I mean…I’ll get ONE someday, that is!

  3. Yeah those boat basin margaritas are good;)

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