2 things got rearranged today (albeit sorta planned)-my cubicle at work and my running week.

i was supposed to move my cube later this week, instead the office manager was barking that they wanted it done today (good thing i had already started friday…) was relatively painless. so my new location has it’s pros and cons:


  • away from Dr. Insensitive-i love him and all, but he is damn loud. even my clients heard him from the other end of the phone line
  • actually it’s more quiet in general. easier to focus.
  • CSG who works for the sister company sitting a coupla cubes away (OK, not sure about the S, but definitely C.) but yeah-NOT going there. but never hurts to have some new faces around.
  • faster, lower traffic elevator on this side of the office. no need to have to allocate 15 minutes per elevator trip.


  • further away from the good coffee on the other side of the office. you know i need my coffee.

(actually, that’s the only thing I can think of for now.)

and in an attempt to “taper” for this Saturday’s 5-miler (and gotta love NYRR‘s description for this one-“We’ve circled the day in red on our calendar. Saturday, August 19, the city’s top running squads vie for bragging rights in the NYRR Team Championships 5M”) i’ve shifted around my running week a little…usually i have Mondays off, but I snuck in 5 miles today, and I think my other 2 running weekdays will be tomorrow, and Thursday early AM (that way i do sorta get 2 rest days-or 48 hours, whatever you call it.) My legs are just feeling dead from coming off a 34-mile week, the highest I’ve done in a long time, so I think I am going to skip speedwork tomorrow in favor of an easy run. Missing one week won’t hurt, if it means helping to get the legs back…

and my baby brother turns 27 today. wow-damn i feel old :-p


9 thoughts on “rearranged

  1. NYFlygirl, CSG is a term patented by the single women of The Reservoir Dogs. We might have to charge you every time you use it. You must’ve been reading our message board awhile back when its usage was in full swing! BTW, I was out running with the Dogs tonight for the first time since my injury and think I saw you. I’d have said hi, but since I haven’t got a close-up photo on my blog, you’d probably have thought I was some nut.

  2. yep…and if i recall correctly, the whole CSG craze started right before the first Flyers/TRD mixer (“will there be CSGs there?” or something like that)…so since I helped spearhead said event that coined that term, I should be able to borrow it every now and then :)definitely say hi next time!! since you were with the Dogs, I’d figure that either you were a blogger, or read my blog šŸ˜€ and congrats on getting out there…hope you had a good run!

  3. It just took me five minutes to figure out what ‘CSG’ means. Now I’m trying to figure out if that makes me smart or dumb.And you’re not old! šŸ™‚

  4. I hear you on the rearranged running schedule this week. I have given it very little thought, except that I must run at some point today. Hope you figure out a way to get the much-desired coffee to your desk. And good luck finding more CSGs!

  5. it was you who incited the use of CSG! Touche, then; you are more than entitled to use it, and we’ll waive our regular fee!BTW, we should have another Dogs/Flyer mixer soon.

  6. I’m actually more amazed when I finish a week and the schedule isn’t revised.What will you do with your 15 minutes per trip recovered from waiting on elevators?

  7. I totally agree about the coffee… the most essential piece of knowledge in the workplace is where to get the good stuff! You missed a fun speedwork… complete with a little TT/MRC skirmish… I almost knocked the nasty MRC on his ass! I’ll see you tomorrow to explain the abbreviations. šŸ™‚

  8. jay-since you didn’t know the context, i’ll let you slide on this one šŸ™‚ and yeah, i guess i’m not old, but man, when my “baby brother” is 27…runner26-hope you got a good run in today šŸ™‚ and yes, i got my coffee, it just means i need to walk a little further. shouldn’t be too hard for me, right?chicagogal-i guess i was indirectly responsible for that one šŸ™‚ i got a kick out of reading that message board thread!! good times. and yes, we do need a repeat…i’ll have my people talk to your people :)jon-with the extra hour i’ve saved (figure 4 elevator trips per day)-i’ve sorta used that time up walking back and forth to the other side of the office to do (but not limited to) the following: getting coffee, printing documents, faxing documents, copying documents, making sure the receptionist knows im here so that i dont get marked absent (i’m not kidding), picking up envelopes/packages at the front desk, visiting colleagues still on the other side. so as you see, it’s all a wash. :)yelbis-oh i know the abbreviations!! looks like there was something in the air in Central Park tonite…

  9. LOL….who knew that the person that termed “CSG” should have patented it;)I’ll allow you to utilize “CSG” for the fact that it did come to fruition during the message board exchange;)

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