wake-up call was worth it

yeah, this morning i didn’t feel like knocking the alarm off completely and sleeping til noon. great decision, this was an absolutely beautiful morning for running. my plan today was to do 6 miles with the regular 9am Flyer group run, then after that one was a 4-mile “new Flyer run” (co-led by fellow blogger jbl.) Combined with running to/from the meetup point, that would give me my 12 for the day!!

So thankfully, the crappiness that seemed to hang over me during Wednesday’s and Thursday’s runs seemed to have went away (guess the rest day yesterday helped.) Ran the first 6 with a very nice guy who was a prospective Flyer, and also with someone who was in my pace group at last week’s Long Training Run. Was very cool to be recognized as a pace leader (I guess it helped that I was wearing my pace leader singlet!) Since we were running in the clockwise direction, I saw a sh*tload of Flyers (and one Rez Dog) I knew running the other direction…the prospective Flyer guy commented that I seemed to know everyone…hey, that’s one of the perks of being a Flyer!! 🙂 After the initial loop, I tacked on another 4 with some of the prospective/newbie Flyers, as well as others who wanted to tack on mileage as well (and ran into Sara, who was modeling her new running skirt-welcome to the dark side…haha!) After the run, a few of us decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and have a little bagel/iced coffee quasi-picnic in Riverside Park. Before we knew it, it was already past 1!!

If the weather could stay like this for the rest of the summer, I’d be very happy.

One thing had said on the run was “it’s actually easier to get the long runs in than the weekday runs.” I’m not kidding! At least with the long runs, you pretty much have a larger window of time to get it done. During the week, it’s either cram it in before work, or after work before it gets dark. Anyone else find this true?

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3 thoughts on “wake-up call was worth it

  1. Definitely agree with you about the weekend long runs – sometimes the weekend runs are the only runs I manage to get in for the week.It was gorgeous out there today!

  2. It really was perfect weather today, wasn’t it? Glad you made it out and was able to enjoy it!

  3. Round about my third marathon, some veteran marathoners I trained with told me that I could get away with doing only two weekday runs each week as long as I got my long runs in. I was having trouble getting all the weekday runs done because 1)I was teaching high school 2)I was coaching cross-country and 3)I was taking the Princeton Review in preparation for the GRE. Crazy life. So I followed their advice, and I was fine. However, my third and fourth marathons also were my hardest, so maybe there was a detrimental side to skipping some of those weekday runs. Not sure. Food for thought.

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