one week later, 20 or so degrees cooler

..and wishing i was feeling some benefits of that.

wednesday and thursday were not good running days at all. despite the fact that the mercury had dropped, i was majorly dragging this week. i went to the Flyers group run Wednesday nite, but my legs were just not having it, and i had fallen way behind the group. And before anyone says it, I’m not buying that it was solely the speed workout Tuesday night, there were several others who had done that same workout the night before and were still zipping along, unaffected. as I had the nano with me, i don’t care so much about dropping behind (though it can be a little demotivating) now that it’s still light out…but what to do when it starts to get dark earlier? managed to slog out 7.5 total that night, and Thursday morning’s 5.1 miles was a little better, but not by much. OK, running 12.6 miles in less than a 12-hour period was not quite ideal, but gotta love the wonders of scheduling…

the crappiness seemed to follow me into the office yesterday morning, as the first thing that happened was getting reprimanded for Internet usage and arriving at work at 9:30 am regularly (those 2 things fall into the category of “everyone does it, but i’m just dumb/unlucky enough to get caught.) so with the exception of lunch breaks, i’m really gonna have to try and limit my Internet usage. And as for the other thing…whatever, I’ll do what I gotta do, but I notice no one cares if i get in earlier or stay later. Did get some good news yesterday though, with regards to the project that required travel…i only have to do 1 day trip, scheduled for a week during the taper 🙂 so not too bad.

last nite was the Flyers’ summer social party at Prey, a bar in the Flatiron District (anyone else remember when this used to be the Tiki Room and they served their margaritas in those tiki-totem like glasses?) $20 bought us a coupla hours of open bar and some decent eats…as usual, good time chatting up the regulars and others i hadn’t seen in awhile. and after the day I had, boy was I guzzling the wine like it was water…

12 miles on tap for tomorrow. i’m just so drained by now that I am sooo tempted to not set the alarm tomorrow morning. but i am liking what is saying about tomorrow morning’s temps being under 70.


3 thoughts on “one week later, 20 or so degrees cooler

  1. Sometimes it takes a while for hard training to catch up with me–Like I’ll be fine for a few days after a hard/long workout and then have some awful runs. Then I usually just take an extra rest day and feel much better after that. I’m sorry I missed the social–am back in Chicago until Mon. It sounded fun though. Good luck with your long run tomorrow!

  2. uhmmmm…yeah, I’m not counted in that “unaffected” category. I’m still tired from Tuesday!….but the booze’n last night didn’t help me, either 🙂

  3. runner26-sorry you couldn’t make it…we still got a coupla other fun things before the summer is up though! hope you got back safely with all the craziness at the airports…yelbis-ok, you were “less affected,” you kicked my butt on Wednesday!! i think when i wrote this post, I was more tired from Thursday’s boozin’ as well :-p

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