anyone else think this is insane?

if the NYPD has their way, this could make for a lot of unhappy runners, cyclists, and pedestrians.

i know i have been vocal on how crowded the park has gotten lately…but I’m putting that aside for now and thinking jeez-has the NYPD forgotten about safety in numbers?

Or do they have a short-term memory and have forgotten about 3 days in December-where the most efficient way to get around this city was either via foot or bike?


10 thoughts on “anyone else think this is insane?

  1. Word on the street is that this is part of an anti-critical mass campaign by the city government.The Central Park rangers are also starting to ticket and warn cyclists. Part of me says that they’re just following the letter of the law (re: stopping at lights, exceeding 15MPH). I can kind of see that, though I think the speed limit for cyclists needs to go up, and pedestrians need to cross at designated crosswalks.Another part of me is pretty sure this has to do with the movement to close the park drives to cars. I got handed a sheet of park drive rules while cycling today. The best was seeing a group of tourists (!) get handed the same sheet and told the same thing (“You’re going too fast”). What a crock.I honestly think they won’t go after running groups, but they’ll definitely go after cyclists. As a group, cylists stand somewhere in between motorists and pedestrians — which totally sucks because it often feels like nobody’s on your side when you’re in that position.I was thinking, if cyclists (and runners) actually get treated like this, will foot and bike races eventually just leave the area? One thing that’s always amazed me about NYC is the number of serious athletes around, and I’m positive that they spend a *LOT* of money which translates into sales taxes and business. How would the city be affected if that part of the population were to just…well…wither up and die?

  2. If that’s followed up to the letter then it’s unworkable; it just gives the police an excuse to hassle people.On the other hand, a few safety rules for cyclists wouldn’t go amiss.

  3. On the other hand, when I lived in DC and biked to work I tried to follow the rules. It almost got me killed! Because no one actually expects cyclists to obey traffic signals, I found it more dangerous to do so.I don’t think the proposed regulations are broad enough. I’d like to see it expanded to allow for arrest of “Tourists who walk in groups of more than two across the public sidewalk” and “Any person who shall use a baby stroller containing more than one compartment for children on a public sidewalk” and “Any person having a dog on a leash that allows said leashed animal to stretch the leash across the public sidewalk, however, the fine shall be doubled if said person is a woman over 50 years of age smoking a cigarette held in a cigarette holderat 6 a.m. and said dog is a miniature poodle.”Oh, btw, the posted speed limit in East River Park is 5 mph.

  4. What B.S. For starters, don’t the police have more important issues to worry about? This is so aggravating.

  5. jbl-you have a great point with your last paragraph and i am surprised that NYRR has not been more vocal about this. yeah, they may get the permit to have the marathon but it’d kinda suck if we can’t train for it in our own backyard.jon-thanks. i really needed a laugh today. BTW-i think my walking pace is faster than 5 mph (at least if i’m not wearing heels)-does this mean i’d get ticketed walking in East River Park? :-pjay-mmm hmmm, my thoughts exactly. like i said, whatever happened to the concept of safety in numbers?

  6. If it’s part of their anti-Critical Mass ploy, why don’t they limit it to cyclists? I don’t get it. This is a waste of time when there are far more pressing issues in the city. And, yes, jbl, very good point in the last paragraph. Maybe a rep from NYRR should attend the meeting and raise that point.

  7. WTF???? That is the dumbest thing I have ever read… (And I have read a lot of dumb things!)

  8. I’m hoping the real concern is the roads outside the park. If they are closing the park roads to cars, then why should they care how many runners there are?

  9. I told Erin about this on our way to dinner tonight (we’d just jay-walked). She had some questions:1. What if Siamese twins violate a traffic rule? Are they one person or two? Does it depend on where they’re conjoined?2. What if one person jaywalks, but he has multiple personalities?3. Say that Roe v Wade is overturned and the U.S. passes a law saying that a fetus is a person. Would this mean that any jaywalking pregnant woman is a “parade”?

  10. well how about all those people pushing baby carriages and strollers on the UWS? 😉 that would count as two people, no?

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