easy now, rabbit

some people never learn. and in the case of speedwork, “some people” would be me. tonight’s workout was a 4-mile tempo run-engineer’s gate to the west end of the 102nd street transverse was mile 1…then to west 83rd was mile 2…then turnaround and run back to engineer’s gate. and that would be done 3 minutes hard, 1 minute easy.

my mile splits for this workout: 7:22/8:35/8:33/8:22 (32:52 total, 8:13 pace)

when, oh when, will i learn to not go out so fast at the beginning. and mile 2 is a tougher climb than one would think but still…i’m not sure if i really slowed down in the end on the hard parts, or if the recoveries were slower.

oh well. even though i was hoping to do this workout under 32 minutes, this was still 30 seconds faster than the last time i ran a tempo on the same course-and that previous workout didn’t allow for any “easy” minutes. and after all the people who were decidedly faster had passed me, i pretty much kept my position the entire time-so i was where i was supposed to be, i guess. so all in all, not too bad. doesn’t mean i like tempo runs any better. i still don’t :-p

maybe i was running off some work angst at the beginning. having remote access to work email is a blessing and a curse. blessing being that it does allow flexibility to do things like work from home occasionally. the curse is that you’re always so tempted to check it when you really should not be working. so basically i got a heads up last nite that due to a mistake the salesperson made in the proposal, i was going to have to do extra work on a project of mine (that we wouldn’t be charging the client for) and i’d have to turn it around in record time-which was confirmed this morning. whatever, it got done, though i had to push off other stuff to do it. and as you all know, everything is priority….

so yeah. i need to make sure i do not rabbit the first mile of the Club Championships. Flyer guys, if you’re reading, please make sure you yell at me if you catch me doing that. thanks in advance 🙂

now playing: “un-break my heart (soul-hex anthem radio edit)” ~ toni braxton


6 thoughts on “easy now, rabbit

  1. I no longer believe it’s possible to start out slow. And anyone that claims otherwise is selling you a pack of lies. Lies, I tell you! :-)Management everywhere needs to refer to a dictionary once in a while and reacquaint themselves with the meaning of “priority”.

  2. Yeah, going out too fast – we all do it. Toby said to me once that after four years of his coaching, it still never mattered if he told us to go out at 5k, 10k, or Half Marathon pace, because everyone always just goes out hard as they can. You’re in good company.The Club Championships will mark my first foray back into racing. And I’ll be there to yell at you whether you like it or not. I don’t need a reason.

  3. You’re checking your work email when you really should not be working??? Looks like an easily cured problem to me!

  4. jay-yet somehow, i was able to start out slow this past saturday.skylight-pfft, what did i ever do to you? :-p congrats on your race comeback. maybe i’ll cheer for you. or not :-pthomas-it’s tougher than you think. i’m just glad i’m not one of the suckers with a blackberry or treo.

  5. Sometimes everything’s not a “priority.” Sometimes things are a “crisis” or even “all hell’s broken loose.” :(My running buddy in DC once told me that according to his college coach if you didn’t slow down in the second half of a race, you weren’t trying hard enough in the first half.

  6. no, i know. and i’ve been there too. in the loverly world of project management, all crises are always priorities though :)sounds like someone’s gonna be tipping a few back tomorrow… ;-)interesting advice-wonder what said coach thinks about negative splits 🙂

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