sampling the goods

3 easy miles today, and got to use a couple of my recent purchases…

  • Started the new white/purple pair of the Cumuluses into the rotation. Love that bouncy new-shoe feel. Here’s a question I’m throwing out to the crowd. What’s the minimum amount of mileage you’d recommend on a pair of shoes that I’d be running the marathon in? (obviously, it’s a model that I’ve worn before, and I will be doing at least one long run in them.)
  • My new MarathonGirl skirt. I actually like running in this one better than the GymGirl! Was afraid of chafing, but applying BodyGlide beforehand took care of that 🙂 Was actually very comfortable, nothing too revealing…what a difference proper sizing makes. And comes with a pocket on the side to keep keys/ID/money. (For those in the NYC area who don’t want to buy online, they sell the skirts now at the Running Company in the Time Warner Center-but limited selection, I only saw the Marathon Girl skirts in Black and Blue Hawaii.)
  • oh and speaking of goods, 72nd street between Columbus and Amsterdam can be so deliciously tempting. Buttercup Bake Shop (best.cupcakes.ever.) on the north side of the street. Cold Stone Creamery on the south side of the street. Yum. And simultaneously, yikes!!

34 miles on tap for this week. the build-up continues…

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11 thoughts on “sampling the goods

  1. I’ve had some people tell me between 75 and 100 miles before using shoes for a marathon. Personally, I did one with 50 miles on a pair with no problems.Memo to self: remember to stop for a cupcake next time in city.

  2. You know, you always hear that you should do some running in your marathon shoes before the marathon, but you also hear that quality running shoes should not need to be “broken in,” should be ready to go right out of the box. Aren’t those pieces of advice contradictory? I’ve always thought so. I’d think one long run and about 50m should be plenty.

  3. I don’t know what the experts say, but I usually buy a new pair same kind I’ve been training in)about 5-6 weeks before the marathon, and make sure I do a twenty in them. Then they are still pretty fresh but also broken in. The caramel gel was pretty good–it was a thinner consistency and tasted like liquid candy. Not bad.

  4. great, i guess everyone’s opinions differ on this topic. you’re no help :-p

  5. I’d try for 100m in the shoes before the marathon, just to be sure they’re going to work out. But then I have shoe issues, not like some people who can put on almost any pair.There’s a caramel gel? Sounds good…

  6. I agree with runner26 about the shoes. If I recall correctly, I’d start training in June with a pair I’d bought in March, and then I’d get a new pair around mid-September, which I wore for the actual marathon (this was Chicago, so the race was either the second or third weekend in October).Now, about that skirt. Is it really comfortable to run in? What about thigh chafing (although judging by your photo, that’s not a problem for you!)I’d love to hear more. I never imagined someone would invent a running skirt!

  7. P.S. Buttercup is awesome! I’ve never been to Magnolia (who wants to stand in those lines), and I don’t even really like cupcakes that much, but I’ve gotta say, theirs are heavenly!

  8. As far as shoes, I ran my last marathon with only about 25-30 miles on them. Honestly, it comes down to what you are comfortable with.

  9. i’ll have to try that caramel powergel next time-i think that was the one with 4x caffeine-boy will that give me a kick. i tried the plain energy one that was actually pretty good-not sickly sweet like some other flavors.moz-yep, i saw that piccy too and put it in my previous post :)chicagogal-these skirts have actually been around for a little over a year!! this latest one i tried, i actually was afraid of thigh chafing (have gotten it in some other shorts) but BodyGlide seemed to take care of that. some of the other styles that come with shorts, the shorts do ride up a little (but I have that prob with all shorts, I think)-at least having the skirt part hides that. as i said before, I’d stick with shorts for races or long runs, but it’s something fun to wear for shorter runs (and I also sometimes wear them around town when running errands or at picnics in the park!) And oh yes…those cupcakes are insanely good. Having one on Saturday was just the ticket after my long run :)As for the shoes, I think I’ll probably start breaking in my “marathon pair” in early October, and make sure to do at least my last 20 on them…after all, it’s a tried and true model, just a newer pair of em 🙂

  10. Hey fly girl…. I’m back to blogging, and I really like the running skirt idea! I need some new shoes as well….so I’m gonna try on the nike one. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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