run your own pace

another weekend, another long run in the bank.

The Flyers act as pace leaders for the two Long Training Runs that NYRR puts on for the marathon each year. Great way to get in your long run and help the NYC running community as well. They do 4 loops-the full 6, the lower 5, lower 5, middle 4…and you have the option to do the full 20, or less to fulfill your training needs. So I chose to do 16 at 9:30 pace.

I got there bright and early today (6:30…yikes!) Compared to the heat wave this week, the weather felt “chilly” (though it was probably in the 70s at the start and warmed up to the 80s by the end.) Checked in and picked up yet another oversized pace leader singlet (though better than last year’s-I had done the last 2 loops, so there were only larges left by the time I started! oh, and the pace leader singlets were unisex) and headed on over to the 9:30 group. Me and a coupla others positioned ourselves near the font of the first group. We waited for the faster groups to leave, and off we went. First loop went pretty well, my watch showed we were pretty much on pace, but I felt I needed to drop back just a little because it seemed like the leaders were pushing it just a little.

After we finished the first loop, we usually take a couple minutes to re-group, let people use the portapotties, grab gatorade/water/gels. I took some gatorade and a gel with water-and I didn’t think I took that long-probably no more than 3 minutes, but by the time I was done, my group had already left-I was a little annoyed at that, and there were a few others in that group who were in the same boat. So we all just decided to form our own little 9:30 group, and that worked out very well-they were a bunch of very nice people, and we even picked up a few others along the way. I was a little nervous about pacing without the other leaders to support me, but every split was dead-on…less than 5 seconds faster or slower than 9:30, which everyone seemed to appreciate!! going up the east drive, we saw one of the other 9:30 leaders who I guess got left behind by her group, so she just joined our little party 🙂
that's me in the pace leader singlet and flyer shorts on the right!
2nd loop just flew by, and I made sure to wait around on the transverse to make sure everyone had time to do what they needed to do, plus another group was coming in behind us so we did some consolidation. 3rd loop went just as well with the pacing-in fact some of the people in my group were disappointed I wasn’t pacing the full 20!! 🙂 (hmmm…maybe a certain other blogger’s pacemaster skills were virtually rubbing off on me today? now if only i could do that in a race!) so we finished up the third loop and thanked everyone for running and sticking with it and wished them all luck on their fall marathons 🙂 16 miles down-and a fun 16 miles it was!!

afterwards, just hung around for a bit and socialized. saw one of the other 9:30 pace leaders who was in the group that left me behind and she said that they had wound up speeding up-damn, it was probably a good thing I didn’t go with them for the 2nd/3rd loops. The Flyer bloggers were out in force, and all I spoke to sounded like they were very pleased with their runs-Sister Smile, jbl, Runner26, Sara-and I’m assuming Jon also had a good run too, though I only saw him in passing when I was finishing up my second loop. (oh and I think I may have possibly seen another blogger near the baggage area as well-but not 100% sure!)

So, 16. Longest run since the fall of ’04. The 9:30 pace was a very wise decision, much easier on my body. And I can still keep going…in a way 🙂 You see, last year this time, the 9 miles I had done at last year’s Long Training Run was my last run for a month. No signs of stopping now!! On tomorrow’s plate will be an easy recovery 3 miles. Then next week the long run gets scaled back a little bit. No worse for wear, though can seriously use a nap after this morning’s mad-early wake-up call…

now playing: “nobody knows me (peter rauhofer’s private mix)” ~ madonna


13 thoughts on “run your own pace

  1. i am always in awe of pace leaders. i would be too nervous to take on that responsibility. good for you! we thank you for it

  2. Nicely done you pace maker you…Yes, that was probably me you saw on the hill near baggage. I did 16 at about an 8:20 pace.I actaully bumped into Moz at about mile 13 or so.Good run and the lack of heat is very welcome!

  3. Thanks for pacing. I had to leave my group when they were moving way slower than our pace. It was a great day for a run though!

  4. We’re going to have to start calling you ‘fearless leader’! :-)Nice job on the run. An congrats on your longest run in a couple of years. Sounds like you’re right on course for NYC this year.

  5. I’m glad my pacemaster skills are rubbing off…that’s not a secret I let out of the bag! Pacing is definitely a skill that comes in extremely handy…say November 5th especially.

  6. yvonne-you’re welcome!! the long training runs are a little bit of a “looser” atmosphere that kinda takes away some of the nervousness. I personally would be apprehensive of pacing an actual race (e.g., the Flyers were pacers for this year’s More Marathon, but I did not want to participate-I was still in a little bit of a rebuilding phase, plus i’ve heard horror stories of bad race pacers!)josh-thought so!! i’ll be sure to say hi next time. good run!snowflake-you’re very welcome. which group were you in?jay-thanks, let’s hope I stay on course for the next 3 months! hope you had a good relay this weekenduptown girl-oh yes…I will really need pacing vibes on November 5th…especially the first half!! 🙂

  7. there was definitely magic in the park this weekend. good job out there.did you change your blog template again?

  8. where have you been this past week? :-p

  9. Nice post about your pacing job and training run. I miss running in Central Park, but that was the time when there was snow on the ground. On the other hand, I remember my nose freezing and dripping, and thinking a little heat wouldn’t be too bad!

  10. Where have *I* been the last week? Nashville, mostly. And, too, there were four days of non-running, mostly due to a grueling schedule that not enough time for sleep, much less running. I don’t have the energy you youngsters do. 😉

  11. That’s totally insane! I can’t believe you paced 9:30 so closely. Nice work!

  12. who’s the cute guy with the glasses and black shirt?- a girl

  13. he is cute, isn’t he? :)unfortunately, I lost him (and a coupla other guys) after the first loop 😦

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