giving the "marathon girl" another chance

(i meant the skirt. what were you all thinking? :-p )

yeah, SkirtSports had the MarathonGirl skirt on sale throughout July, so as I could not resist a sale…well, I hoped what they said about the black skirts running small was true. So I picked up one in Daiquiri Ice, or the color pictured here. The fit of this one was much better. Weird how a certain color can run that much smaller!! Maybe I could have sized up on the black one originally, but I don’t think my ego would have been able to take that…

And thankfully, it looks like the mega heat wave has finally broken…was actually pleasant last nite to sit outside and sip on sangria and mojitos and caipirinhas (oh my!) felt it a little more than i felt the Wednesday nite drinks, but hell, after the day i had (meeting with a client-let me just tell you, they should never have assigned someone like me who’s never been married or close to it to work on a project for a wedding website-i swear, i must have seemed so ignorant…oh and yet another power scare in our office building) plus the fact that i actually got to “sleep in” this morning…just felt like knocking ’em back.

Must be on the wagon tonight, I need to represent the Flyers well tomorrow morning 🙂 (and hoping there will be some CSG’s in the 9:30 group too…lol.)


2 thoughts on “giving the "marathon girl" another chance

  1. i just dont know if i can run in a skirt!!!! i havent seen ANYONE with one on here in Houston.

  2. i’m surprised-i’d think that the skirts would be more popular in the warmer climates. i don’t know if I’d wear it on a long run (even though I’ve seen women wear the skirts in marathons, and even at the Ironman!) but they work just fine for shorter runs, or even for just for something casual to wear while walking around.

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