hangover prevention techniques

how to avoid being hung over the morning after knocking back 2 Cosmos and an appletini?

Well for starters, drink plenty of water inbetween those drinks.

And make sure you drink them on the roof deck of a bar in 90+ degree weather, so any alcohol is pretty much sweated out.

And when leaving, walk an extra 9 blocks to take the express subway instead of the local to ensure your body will be rid of any trace of alcohol.

went to Red Sky last nite with the coworkers…we were originally supposed to have the second floor, but others decided to go to the roof deck instead. i don’t know who’s bright idea that was…but then again the A/C wasn’t working too great on the second floor (plus we were sharing the 2nd floor with another group that was talking about global warming…uh hello, we’re experiencing global warming first-hand!) i only held out for a coupla hours-I was hot and tired, plus I had running to do in the morning.

6 miles this morning that thankfully went much better then my 3 on Wednesday, which leads me to believe that my legs just really needed a recovery day from Tuesday’s workout (or maybe actually forcing myself to eat something before the run helped…plus listening to some great music-my new fave running CD is the 1st CD from the “Ultra Weekend 2” 2-disc compilation.) I was completely prepared to cut it down to 5 miles if need be, but I felt fine as I approached 102nd street so i continued on instead of cutting across the transverse. I saw several other Flyers in passing that were also trying to get in their run before it got too hot.

And with the exception of some stretching, tomorrow will be a very well-deserved rest day, before I tackle my 16 on Saturday at NYRR’s Long Training Run-I’ll be one of the pacers for the 9:30 group. i was previously wavering between 9 and 9:30 but a very smart teammate of mine told me I’d be better off with the slower group and I think he’s right…wouldn’t hurt to give my body a little bit of a break. Remember, it’s a training run, not a race…


4 thoughts on “hangover prevention techniques

  1. “It’s a training run, not a race”? Blasphemy! :-)My method of avoiding hangovers is to drink so much, you loop back around to being sober. And, yes, that method actually did work once. And, no, I don’t plan on trying my luck with it a second time.

  2. I love Red sky!!!! That’s in my vicinity! I don’t think i have any methods to get rid of a hangover….just water and sleep? Heck, i just deal with it ;p (i know it sucks!) Luckily there’s a long run tomorrow (im thinking of doing the full 20), hence i will refrain from heavy drinking on friday nites!

  3. that used to be my neighborhood too 🙂 i sorta miss it but i sorta don’t!

  4. I try to have a “water round” every second or third drink. Doesn’t always work that way though.I also try to get up early the next morning – to take 2 asprin and a tall glass of water… and then go right back to bed. Usually wake up fine.

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