heat wave, record heat, blah blah blah

yeah, i guess we’ve all seen the headlines in every newspaper, on every news website, hell, on every blog that has been updated today. (and NY1 reports that the mercury has hit 100-yowza.)

last nite our coaches made the executive decision to cancel that evening’s speedwork, and tonite the Flyers group run is canceled as well. smart decision on both parts, considering last nite i was hot and exhausted just walking. and today, i have yet to go outside since getting to work-to quote one of my colleagues “the only way i’m going outside is to go home.”

even though it was a relatively “cool” 83 degrees this morning, the 3 miles i ran were probably the slowest 3 miles i have run in an extremely long time. don’t know if it was the heat (doubtful, if i did speedwork in the same weather the day before, but who knows?), or if it was because i left it all out there in yesterday’s workout (please tell me that was the case) or if i’m just tired between the heat, work, or whatever else…i’ll just say thank god i was running solo this morning, no one would have been able to put up with my snail-like pace.

yeah, maybe since today’s run was so short i probably should have just sucked it up and done it on the treadmill…but it’s tough when you’re within stumbling distance of the Central Park reservoir and bridle path-in fact i’m closer to that than I am to the nearest NYSC! much, much easier and quicker to hop on over to the park.

on a positive note, my shoes arrived today!!! yay yay yay. now I have 2 pairs of Cumulus 7’s that will last me from now til after the marathon…one white/purple, and another white/orange pair. (and the Axioms went back to the store yesterday…)

and if I didn’t already love Starbucks enough…tomorrow they are providing complimentary iced coffee between 1 and 3 (or so the ad in AM New York said) at participating locations in the NYC metro area. now that’s how you help people beat the heat πŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “heat wave, record heat, blah blah blah

  1. And to think a couiple of weeks ago I was complaining when it hit 80 over here! I don’t envy you at all, and hope that the temps drop by Sunday week when I arrive for my vacation.As for your 3 milers today, the heat will have played it’s part I’m sure, and maybe with all teh hard work you have been doing, you need to reign back a little. Not every run can be a PR. Sometimes it’s better to be laid back and simply enjoy the scenery as you run (even if it is the same everyday, but you know what I mean.The Starbucks sounds good too – I miss NY

  2. I think the heat makes you tired/energyless regardless of being indoors or in AC. I think you’re smart sticking to 3 miles. Any more and it might be counterproductive. I am surprised the Flyers canceled speedwork & the group run, but I think it’s a smart decision. That’s when you really know it’s serious. I’m hoping to hit up a Starbucks tomorrow during my jury-duty lunch break–yeah, that’s what I’ll be doing tomorrow. Thanks for the heads-up!

  3. It’s the heat, L. I was out there with you yesterday morning, doing 8 before work and thought I’d croak tyring my normal pace. Today on the mill at NYSC (oh thank you dear Jesus for the AC) it was still a lot tougher than normal. The effects linger. Also the air quality was pretty rough yesterday morning, which can have a big effect too.Take it easy on those outside runs for the next day or two. I don’t want to see any posts by you that echo anything in my Bronx HM report.

  4. You should totally go running tonight. With all of the groups canceling their workouts, you won’t have to fight for running space. Take advantage of the opportunity! ;-)Don’t worry about the slow run. Between the track workout and the weather, it’s more than understandable.

  5. Best way to beat the heat: have your company provide ice cream and stuff for a complete sundae:-D

  6. grrrrrrrrrrr.. i want free iced coffee from starbucks.that is so not fair. :)stay cool.

  7. liam-oh, i know that you aren’t supposed to “PR” on training runs. this was just one of those days and i just felt like complaining a little πŸ™‚ the heat wave is supposed to break on friday…hopefully…runner26-this is the first time in the 2+ years that i’ve been a flyer that speedwork and/or a group run has been canceled! hope you’re enjoying the jury room :)jon-thanks for the article…I hope those that are lobbying to get the cars out of Central Park see that one. yesterday, the hard stuff didn’t feel too bad, but i was walking part of the recoveries in the 2nd set so it must have gotten to me. live and learn. are you doing the LTR on saturday?jay-it wouldnt surprise me if some of the other groups didnt cancel their workouts :)uptown girl-did they give you guys good stuff? πŸ™‚ (btw-ice cream=best.post-long.run.recovery.food.ever.)junebug-i’ll have one for you-hopefully!! i have a client meeting at 1, hopefully i get done in time to nab a free cup…

  8. Yes ma’am, although I haven’t registered yet. This being a cut-back week, (Serendipity really smiling on the schedule there!) I’ll only be doing 11. I’m stuck on whether to join the 7:30 or 8:00 group. Leaning towards the later. Do we get special leader shirts?

  9. I love the heat. Yep, bring it on!And last year when starbucks gave away free iced coffees, the wait in line was an hour and a half!Sorry to hear that the Axioms didn’t work out. I’ve run 2 marathons in them, and they’re my current favs. They are, however a lightweight trainer, so I don’t know why that salesperson would advise you like that.

  10. jon-looks like you already made the decision on which group, and that’s probably the best one. i was wavering at first between 9 and 9:30 but a very smart teammate of ours told me i’d be better off with the 9:30s and i think he’s right. we did get special singlets the last 2 years (well they were singlets for most people, a minidress on me!), not sure yet about this year. i’d say wear your singlet just in case…skylight-yeah, yeah, yeah easy for you to say bring on the heat :-p thanks for the warning about the coffee. im sure with today being another scorcher the line will be even longer. and yeah, that salesperson did not know what the heck she was doing. the axioms probably would have worked out-if i needed a lightweight trainer, which i didn’t, since i have my DS-Trainers. these didnt even get a road test, they went back right away!

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