another one down

managed to drag myself out of bed this morning to do speedwork before work in order to beat today’s predicted record heat…this morning’s method of torture…12 x 220 yards on the rez (plus recoveries)

Set 1 Set 2
Time Pace Time Pace
:49 6:32 :51 6:48
:51 6:48 :51 6:48
:49 6:32 :51 6:48
:51 6:48 :51 6:48
:52 6:56 :51 6:48
:50 6:40 :49 6:32

tough, but for the most part, consistent. 220s hurt a lot. i was hoping to be able to sweet-talk others into longer repeats, but this was probably a better hot-weather workout anyway.

3 easy miles on tap for tomorrow, and looks like i’ll be doing a repeat morning appearance as well.

And in office news, for the second day in a row, we were forced to “evacuate.” Around 5:15 yesterday we heard the fire alarms go off and heard someone speaking over the loudspeaker saying something about there being something happening on another floor…we didn’t quite understand him, he was about as muffled as the announcements on the subways. And apparently the elevators weren’t working so we all just decided to escape via the stairwell. I think halfway downstairs we heard another announcement saying that everything was OK…but who wants to chance it. So OK, anyone got any creative ideas of how my office will be forced to evacuate today? 🙂 (i swear, this building is cursed!! i think my office needs to move back to the Flatiron district…)

now playing: “walk away (chris cox club mix)” ~ kelly clarkson


4 thoughts on “another one down

  1. I’m going to take a wild guess and say your impending evacuation won’t be caused by an approaching blizzard.Nice job with the 220s.

  2. Great reps, and I love the new look on the site. Snow ploughs will be out before too long 🙂

  3. Great work Flygirl. I see a Boston Qualifying time in your near future.

  4. i think it is waaaayyy too premature to predict a BQ (especially after this morning’s run!) i’ll be satisfied with sub-4…

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