shoe upgrades suck

no better way to put it.

there’s a saying that goes “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” someone forgot to tell the running shoe companies that.

yeah, the infamous shoe search. i actually am very pleased with the Asics Cumulus 7’s that I had bought back in April-I don’t think I’ve been this happy with a trainer in a very long time. Unfortunately I had bought them a month before Asics came out with the upgrade. Right now, the mileage on these shoes is pushing 300, so I figure I needed a game plan in terms of what to wear for the remainder of the training cycle. I thought the best thing to do was work a new pair into the rotation now, and then break in a 2nd pair in early October and run the marathon in those shoes.

So back to JackRabbit I went to check out the Cumulus 8’s. They felt fine, but when running on the treadmill, there apparently was some late-stage pronation that wasn’t there when I ran in the 7’s (I wore my orthotics in both.) So the salesperson brought out something that she said was similar-Brooks Axiom 2. I was a little suspicious because I thought I remembered someone saying that was more of a lightweight trainer and she said “no it’s more in line with the Cumulus.” Anyway, it felt fine running in them, no pronation. So I decided to give those a shot.

I got home and did a little Internet research…and just as I thought, the Axioms are more in line with shoes like the DS-Trainers. Shit. I should never have been sold these shoes. They have to go back. (And normally, JackRabbit has great service-but this particular saleperson was not quite up to speed.)

So here I am, no closer to a shoe solution. So, my faithful readers, do you recommend that I continue the search, or find a site online that still carries the Cumulus 7’s and get 2 pairs of them to last me through the marathon? (And if anyone knows of a site that carries the Cumulus 7’s in a women’s size 8-please let me know!! I’d be everso appreciative. My usual haunts either don’t have the 7’s or don’t have my size.)

Got in a 3.2 mile run tonite to bring me to a little over 30 miles this week. 32 on tap for next week, and I’ll thankfully have plenty of company for my long run, as I’ll be helping pace lead during NYRR’s Long Training Run. I’ve done this the last 2 years and it’s fun (and I’m actually not too bad at keeping the pace!) Then the following week my long run gets scaled back a little bit. I just need to beat the heat this week…I have a feeling I will be doing morning workouts this week.

Other randomly scattered thoughts:

  • Another blogger meetup!! I met the very nice Jay T while he was in the city today on a little bike excursion-we met up to grab a bite to eat and chatted for a bit about things like blogging, work, running, and oh, all of you :-p
  • How we know MySpace is taking over the world (or at least the Internet world)-a movie’s “official” site is a MySpace site.
  • It’s summertime. It’s hot. ConEd really needs to get with the program already. In addition to the power probs in Queens and Staten Island the last coupla weeks, my office building had issues on Friday-the main floor was having power problems and they were asking all the other floors to conserve power, so our office manager turned off all the overhead lights. I couldn’t work with just light from my computer, so I just worked from home the rest of the day. With another scorcher week coming up, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this happening again… (i know this is child’s play compared to what happened in Queens, but still annoying all the same.)

that’s all for now folks…another loverly workweek awaits.

now playing: “every day is a winding road” ~ sheryl crow

10 thoughts on “shoe upgrades suck

  1. I’m so lazy I would probably just stockpile as many shoes as I can of the old brand so I wouldn’t have to go through the long proccess of finding a new pair. I’ve got “special needs feet” and I hate finding new shoes. I’ve stockpiled in the past. Plus, sneakers (esp. “older” ones) tend to be cheaper on the internet.I’ve been lurking 🙂 I enjoy the blog!

  2. Telarunner has them on closeout for $59.99. I’ve ordered from the company several times and they’re legit. They had to shut off the overhead lights? Are you @*$#ing kidding? Great job on crossing 30!

  3. Be happy you have A/C. My office has had NO a/c or heat the entire year! Their solution: fans. Oi.As for shoes, I would try to find the same ones to utilize the rest of the way. Now is definitely not the time to switch!

  4. I must be living a charmed life because I haven’t had any problems with new shoes to this point. A fact I have now probably jinxed by mentioning it.Brunch was a lot of fun. Maybe we can do it again next time I’m in town. I’ll even consider joining you in enjoying a mimosa. 🙂

  5. As soon as I find the everlasting solution for the shoe problem, I’ll let you know. Sadly, I don’t think I’ll get the answer in the present life.

  6. Huh. Interesting. I was looking at the Axioms and Brooks markets them as a less expensive alternative to the Adrenalines. Mild to moderate pronation, yadda yadda yadda.Try some Saucony Omni 5s?

  7. audrey-as you will see, i leaned in that direction-well, stockpiling as much as my finances will allow right now 🙂 thanks for lurking, i lurk yours as well :)jon-thank you thank you thank you!! i just nabbed 2 pairs that hopefully i will receive by the end of the week. and nope, i’m not kidding about the lights-of course, those who have window offices werent that affected, but i was headachey from trying to work in low light. and they wound up closing the office at 4 anyway because the power problems were affecting the elevatorsuptown girl-i wouldnt have been surprised if AC would have been the next thing to go!! the temperature in our office is always somewhat flukey as well. the HVAC people cant ever get their act together.jay t-sounds good, though i think i’d rather have a bellini instead of a mimosa. and as long as you’re not biking afterwards! :)thomas-the everlasting solution would be for shoe companies to never upgrade. but then how else would they be able to keep raising shoe prices? (i actually tried on the Nimbus 8’s too-and while they were a little more stable than the Cumulus 8’s, i couldn’t stand the feel of them-too much shoe!! that’s why i loved the cumuluses…didn’t feel like too much shoe)jbl-i thought that the axioms and adrenalines were similar in price. and when reviewing the more detailed specs, especially the shoe weights, it looks like the axioms fall into the “lightweight trainer” category (women’s size 7 is 8.5 oz. in comparison, the Cumulus 7’s were 10 oz and the DS-Trainers were 8.3 oz.) I’ve tried the Omnis once and didn’t like them-I think the type of shoe that works best with the orthotics is a good, stable neutral (ha, ain’t that contradictory.)

  8. Looks like you already got your shoes… Good. I order online from Road Runner Sports. Prices are ok but I really like thier customer service and support.BTW – I like this new look for the blog.

  9. yep-and i just received the shoes today! (yeah, i requested priority mail. My favorite online retailer for running stuff is Holabird Sports, but they didn’t have the 7’s in my size.and wasn’t i giving you shoe advice not so long ago as well? 🙂 thanks for the props on the new design.

  10. Ebay!! I have been running in the original Axiom some time and they discontinued for the you know. And’s lightweight. Oh well. Ebay has a few new pair of 7’s in your size. 🙂 Good luck!!

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