well it wasn’t pretty…

…but i did it.

and in fact i miscalculated the mileage on part of the route and wound up with 15 miles total instead of 14…oops.

my plan to beat the heat, was to try and get in some mileage before the Flyers group run at 9. so i did 1 lower 5 mile loop, then ran down to 72nd street and east drive to meet the group. then did the full 6 with the group, ran back up to west 86th, then hopped on the rez for a loop. where i miscalculated, was the distance between west 86th and east 72nd…it’s over a mile each way and for some reason i thought it was less.

well the good news is that i’m no worse for wear, i just need to shorten my recovery run tomorrow and since i have Monday as an XT day anyway, I’ll be fine. and even though i slowed a little at the end, i didn’t feel the shakiness that i did the last time i did 15, so hopefully either i am getting used to the heat or i am getting a better handle on electrolyte replacement (1 gel before the run, 1 after 7-8 miles, and i carried a bottle of Gatorade with me the entire time.) after my failed attempt last week, i think i really needed this mental boost, that i really can do it (well, as long as i don’t start off at a sub-8 pace!! πŸ™‚ )

and it was actually such a relief to be done by mid-morning…was glad to be done with 15 miles around the same time that a lot of people finished 3.1 miles


7 thoughts on “well it wasn’t pretty…

  1. Nice job. It was pretty brutal out there this morning. One weekend closer, eh? πŸ˜‰

  2. Well done! It was toasty warm out there this morning for sure. I was finishing up 14 at about the same time the 5K was starting… Hot time in the city.

  3. the heat is incredible. hate hate HATE it!!and yes its fabulous when you’re done and you think most people are still in bed actually!

  4. VERY impressive! Especially in this heat wave! The marathon will feel downright chilly in comparison!Hey…when you had your plantar fasciitis last year, who was your Dr.? I have a podiatrist I went to for my stress fracture, but yours seems to have given you more concrete guidance as far as what you could do when. Thanks!

  5. Well done! What an ugly weekend for running.

  6. every day is a winding road…i get a little bit closer… :)thanks all…and well done to all of you who ran long, or raced, or just got out and ran in the blistering heat this weekend. :)runderwoman-i’ll reply to you on your blog about that…

  7. ” didn’t feel the shakiness that i did the last time i did 15″ – hey you pulled it off with tough conditions; which pretty much means you are a better runner than ever before! πŸ˜‰

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