collision course

my legs were still feeling some tiredness in them (even though I took an XT day yesterday instead of running) so i decided to do my 4 miles on the bridle path…figured i could use the break from all the damn hills. plan was to do the 2.5 mile loop, then the 1.6 mile loop. works for me.

on the northwest corner of the bridle path…just south of the 102nd street transverse, the path sorta thins out a little. not too narrow, but not as wide as the park drives. i’m just joggin along leisurely, minding my business….but even though i had the music on, i hear a voice behind me shout “ON YOUR LEFT!!!” and see a big group coming at me from behind. and if that wasn’t enough, i saw yet another group coming at me from the other direction. with both groups pretty much taking up the entire path-basically, i was going to get trampled either way, so i just stopped and got off the bridle path until both groups passed. (i don’t know how there wasn’t a collision, but somehow it was avoided…)

it’s no secret to all the park has been getting more crowded each year and it seems like it’s at an all-time high this year-with all the big training groups now going off the park drives and also using the bridle path, which i know some felt was pretty much the last resort to escape all the crowding. i know everyone has the right to train wherever or whenever…but man, would it hurt for some of these groups to practice a little etiquette…maybe, i don’t know, share the road??? i know this is nothing that hasn’t already been said, but i’m just thinking it’s going to get to the point where the over-crowdedness is really gonna be dangerous. (maybe this will be another motivator to keep cars out of central park 24/7??)

anyway, i finished up that first loop without incident and then on my second loop saw some Flyers who were doing the group run in passing (yeah, i know i was being antisocial by running solo, but i really just felt like running my own pace and i was majorly dragging too.)

so i’m completely resting tomorrow and as for my long run saturday…what’ll be, no one knows 🙂 or at least not til after it’s over. i’ll say this much, i need to get an early start, as saturday looks to be a scorcher…

oh, and good luck to those who are running the Run to Home Plate 5K on Saturday!! I’m so sorry to be missing this one (not!) Say hi to Mr. Met for me. Or not :-p And for all you Yankee fans, be sure to wear your caps 😀

now playing: “seven days in sunny june” ~ jamiroquai


4 thoughts on “collision course

  1. You should try to incorporate the crowds into your training.The next time a large group comes up on you, toss and elbow or throw a hip-check at one of the runners, then run for your life as the angry mob chases you. It’ll be like a tempo workout. 🙂

  2. I like jay t’s idea. 🙂 I’m doing the Mets run tomorrow and didn’t realize it started at 10am. Can you imagine how hot it’s going to be? You’re lucky to be doing a long run on your own time — 4:30am sounds like a good time to start. 🙂

  3. Good luck on your long run tomorrow! I have been taking it very easy this week running-wise. I might have sprained my ankle 😦 But it seems to be feeling ok atm. As for the mass amounts of people in the park, you are right about it getting dangerous. Let’s just hope everyone brushes up on proper etiquette for safety’s sake.

  4. no, no…that would defeat the purpose of a recovery run. (or a long run, as the crowds this morning were taking up the entire rec lane…meh.)chelly-hope you had a good race, i thought about you all around 10am…man, it had gotten HOT!!runner26-ouch-hope your ankle gets better soon!!

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