old-school nyc marathon sign

old-school nyc marathon sign
Originally uploaded by nyflygirl76.

This was down the block from me, guess one of my neighbors wanted to toss it after 9 years…

4 thoughts on “old-school nyc marathon sign

  1. Ha! I guess that their pissed about not making the lottery for the past decade and have finally given up hope.

  2. Lottery! Thats way too oldschool!I bet you’ll get some bucks for iton eBay! GO SELL IT! *smile*

  3. they would get guaranteed entry anyway after being rejected-what is it, like 3 times?but whoever lives that close to central park, it should be all about the 9 races for them :-)and it was just so strange seeing something about the marathon that didn’t have ING plasterd all over it!! :-p

  4. It was a rainy one.

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