one day late and a few miles short

i do mean to write up a longer post about my weekend in Lake Placid to watch a bunch of Flyers (and FOFs) compete in the Ironman. i’ll get to that either later or tomorrow-it’s just sleep and work took greater priority.

the good thing was that it was a very fun trip. watching the Ironman is amazing-I don’t think I’d ever want to put myself through that, but it was very fun to watch, especially screaming like crazy when seeing one of our own. all of our athletes did very well-only one didn’t finish, but the most important thing was that he was OK-he was very, very smart in his decision and i know he’ll kick major ass next time πŸ™‚

the bad thing was that due to circumstances beyond my control (having someone who was running sub-8’s initially setting the pace, getting separated from said speedsters and making a wrong turn, and my legs just not wanting to get with the friggin program that day,) i came up short on my long run-planned 14 miles, only got in 10. so-how do i compensate for that? my long run for this week was supposed to be 10-should i just do the 14 instead (especially since my long run next week is supposed to be 16 and i don’t want to start falling behind on long runs now or i’ll never make it to the start line!) any advice would be appreciated.

back to work…isn’t it amazing how much can accumulate in 2 days off??


9 thoughts on “one day late and a few miles short

  1. or you could just let that 14-miler go and move on with your schedule as planned. no, wait, I have a better idea. I’ll spot ya the two extra I ran and wasn’t supposed to. how’s that?

  2. but would it really be smart for me to jump from 10 to 16 miles? thats a little big…i dont want to hit the wall during the 16…and like i said, if i start falling behind on the long runs now, it’ll create a whole “domino effect…”

  3. Try looking at it from a weekly mileage point of view. Making your long run jump up from 10 to 16 isn’t so bad so long as your weekly mileage doesn’t increase more than 10%.That said, why not split the difference and make your 10 this week into a 13 miler? Then you’ll be in a good place for 16 the following week.

  4. I wouldn’t try to run back to back long runs or jump up in mileage too fast, or I think you’ll be setting yourself up for another injury. What I would do this week is your 10 as planned and shoot for 14-16 the following week. Don’t get hung up on mileage…if you only do 14 that’s fine, because at this point the absolute worst thing that can happen is that one of your 20 mile runs will turn into an 18 mile run somewhere in your schedule. That’s not a big deal AT ALL.Remember your goal is to finish, and to do that you need to get to the starting line healthy.

  5. I am in agreement with much of what is being said. I think if you focus too squarely on how many miles for the long run of the week, you’re setting yourself up for disaster. Focus on getting the miles in for the week. You’re far enough out that this will not hurt you in the long run (no pun intended!). I’d say to move on and do maybe 10-12 this weekend….then the 16 won’t be that much of an obstacle to jump.

  6. Welcome back NFG — the answer to every running question is “it depends.” πŸ™‚ But since that’s not helpful: I’d probably just shorten some weekday recovery runs, make the 10 miler into 12 or 13 and then proceed as planned next week. OTOH, Anon’s got some good advice. The effects of the “domino effect” aren’t severe at all if you restructure the LSD’s. Basically, it’s early enough in the plan that you can do pretty much whatever you want. This is no big deal. (I can only say that since I’m also “plan obsessive”!)

  7. My brother who’s run 13 marathons and a couple half Ironmans would say “relax.” The schedule is only a guide. You’ve got to do the smart thing (just like your friend did in not finishing the tri) and listen to your body sometimes. Listen to Anon and keep doing your best to work with the schedule.

  8. I don’t have an answer, but I appreciate your raising the qustion as the solutions given are all interesting. I feel a creeping injury and may need to cut one short myself. Lets just stay on track the best we can and get the job done!

  9. hey isn’t that why we all have running blogs? to get and share ideas? πŸ™‚

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