i left it where?

was quite obvious i left my hill workout tonite on the streets of Lake Placid…between my aborted long run (and let me tell you, the hills there make Central Park look like child’s play) and just being on my feet pretty much from 7am to midnight on Sunday with really not a lot of downtime.

and i felt it during my hill repeats tonight…i normally actually don’t mind Cat Hill repeats (and my last Cat Hill workout was a pretty good one) but this one felt tougher. we did the full hill this time (.24 miles according to GMaps), 8 times hard up the up the hill, recover down.

the damage: 1:49/1:52/1:54/1:54/1:57/1:56/1:55/1:54

you can see where i really started to fall apart. i had to even walk part of the recoveries by that time. just slow jogging wasn’t helping with the recovery. i even said to the coaches “this isn’t good.” it just wasn’t my day and i knew it. and i know these days happen. but i know it could have been prevented…arrghhh!! i have 1 more running weekday for this week and that one will be done at a glacial pace…if i have to friggin do it by myself.

i spoke briefly with Coach J (our assistant coach, the one who helped me with the game plan) about the long run dilemma-he thought i’d be fine doing the 14 this saturday, as long as i shortened the sunday recovery run. (and as long as i slowed it down!!) however, if i’m still feeling as tired as i do right now on saturday-i’m gonna scale it back. play it by ear. (i actually think i am sorta leaning more towards 12 or 13 instead…but we’ll see.)


2 thoughts on “i left it where?

  1. According to someone, last night’s speedwork was “an easy session”.It has cooled off somewhat in NYC, I gave the Flyers an easy session last night because I thought it was going to hot; I felt robbed. They sauntered through the session like it was a picnic on the banks of the Seine —

  2. he must have been referring to the “A” team there :-p i sure didn’t make it look easy!

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