weren’t their 15 minutes up a long time ago?

please reality TV gods, make it stop.

please keep those 2 off my TV screen forever (well, i guess with the exception of the unavoidable Survivor and Amazing Race reruns…)

thanks in advance. 🙂


5 thoughts on “weren’t their 15 minutes up a long time ago?

  1. Makes one yearn for the return of Richard Hatch

  2. you sure about that one? i could do without seeing his hairy nekkid (but thankfully blurred) a$$ on TV again :-pi’d take seeing Rupert and/or Steph again. or not.

  3. GREEEEEEEEAAAAAAATTTTTTT Rob and Amber – this and that…Yikes!FYI – there is an ALL STAR AMAZING RACE in the works! Exciting stuff eh?I can’t stand Rupert!

  4. i can’t stand rupert either. and steph is the female rupert :-pall-star amazing race i think would be good-it would bring back life to show that i think got a little ruined by Romber and the family edition. who wouldn’t want to see Colin and Christie go up against Jonathan and Victoria? :-p

  5. Charla and Mirna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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