in the "i’m so glad i’m a runner" files

well tonite was the Philharmonic concert in Central Park. With only a 30% chance of rain predicted, I was pretty optimistic the weather gods would spare us tonite.

and they did, for the most part. it did drizzle a little in the beginning, but it felt pretty nice, as it cooled things off a little bit. i have to admit i wasn’t listening much to the music…too busy sipping on wine (red red wine…goes to my head…) and socializing…time really flies when you have fun, before i knew it, it was 9:30 and the fireworks signaling the end of the music were going off. it was much too soon for some of us, so a few of us said “oh, we’ll stick around for a little bit.”

famous last words.

before we knew it, the skies opened. and poured hard. and harder. it reminded me of the last night i ran in a rainstorm. from then, it was a game, to just get the hell outta there and home somehow ASAP. as i was closest to the east side at that point, i figured i’d get out to 5th avenue and either get a cab or the M79 bus, whichever came first. while trying to get out the park some guy says to me “well at least you look good.” (hey, something positive has to come out of this, right? typical new york moment…) finally made it to 5th avenue and ducked under the first awning i could find. and as soon as the first bus comes, i just book to make sure i get on that bus, and i do. and as soon as i make it to the west side, i just run the few blocks home as fast as i can. but my relief was short-lived as i find that my mini-wallet (that just held my money and ID) was missing.


i grab my umbrella and hotfoot it out of my building…i thought i’d have to go as far as 81st St (where my loverly Banana Republic shopping bag had broke) but thank gawd, I didn’t have to go as far as all the way down the street where I found my mini-wallet.

so, can i credit being a runner with the fact that it gets me from point A to point B in everyday life that much faster? i think so. (and i think i’ve actually heard this quote before too…can’t remember from who though!) oh an the fact that i was wearing very runner-specific attire-a dri-fit tank and one of my running skirts-but did the job at looking stylish and being functional at the same time, especially with the weather! šŸ™‚

well, at least the rain should end the heat wave…right? šŸ™‚

now playing: “she drives me crazy” ~ fine young cannibals


6 thoughts on “in the "i’m so glad i’m a runner" files

  1. That rain storm was amazing! I got stuck in it too.I can’t believe that you were able to back track and find your wallet! That like never happens in NY.

  2. I also got stuck in it! It was so unbelievably gorgeous out during and after the fireworks that I wished they’d played the 2 movements they skipped! Lying on a blanket in the park was just too good to resist! Oh well, I guess we can just be grateful we weren’t one of the girls wearing white shirts….

  3. josh-i know, i still can’t believe it myself. it was only cash and ID-losing $15 would not have been the end of the world, but i definitely would not have wanted to lose my drivers license!!runderwoman-i almost decided to wear a white tank top…SO glad i didn’t!! although it was pale blue, so pretty close…at least it was dark out!! šŸ˜€

  4. I ran home in the rain a couple of weeks ago. It’s kind of fun sometimes cause people look at you like you’re losing your mind.

  5. yes, wasn’t that fun? I was lucky to get a cab on 5th ave, but was totally soaked by then. Good thing you were dressed for a spur-of-the-moment run. I would not have faired so well in flip-flops.

  6. i was dressed right except for the shoes…they weren’t exactly meant for running but they fared well…at least i’ve established what type of attire i will wear at future central park concerts…

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