no excuses

with 4 miles left to go in my running week, i think i exhausted every single excuse in the book to try and skip that run…

  • major hangover from having a bit too much to drink at Skylight’s birthday shindig the night before (ugh, i’d forgotten how nasty wine hangovers can be…)
  • not enough sleep…i was out the door by 8 am to cheer on and take pictures of some Flyers on the run leg of the NYC Triathlon (read: did not sleep off the wine enough.) did that for about 2 hours, went home, took a quickie nap, met my bro at the Yankee game (and for the first time in god knows how long, I had no desire for beer at the game), went home, took another nap.
  • was mad hot outside-like in the 90s.

However, I have to credit the triathletes for giving me inspiration…I mean, if they were able to run a 10K on such a ridiculously hot day, plus a swim and bike ride beforehand, I had no excuse. So I waited til after 7, hoping it’d be a little cooler then (it was, only 90 degrees as opposed to 92.) Got the miles in, but the effort was just not there, and my run time showed it. It’s ok, that was really, in theory supposed to be a recovery run…

The heat wave that has hit the big apple is supposed to continue through tomorrow evening. Luckily for me, my weekday mileage is a little lower this week (my weekend mileage upped.) I’ve decided to cross-train today, not sure yet what my plan will be in terms of speedwork tomorrow. I’m thinking I might do it tomorrow AM if I can wake up in time…

and on a non-running note, yesterday while waiting for the D train after the game, I run into one of my colleagues from my previous job (that i always seem to run into at yankee games!) he now works for the company where the account exec from my current company went last year, and my ex-colleague works for her now. so funny…it’s such a small world.

2 thoughts on “no excuses

  1. Hope you enjoyed your night off. We both tied one on on Saturday, and deserved the rest. I also made it to the Yankee game, but it was a challenge prying myself off my mattress that morning, that’s for sure.Thanks for coming out, by the way. I was really glad you made it.

  2. oh, no prob. i was glad to be there to help you celebrate šŸ™‚ and if there’s anything i’ve learned, you’re allowed to get crazier than usual on your b-day (ask me about my 21st sometime…)

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