splish splash

The Dash and Splash 5-miler is one of my favorite runs…note I say runs, not races. In the July heat and humidity, it’s a good one to do non-competitively, or as part of a longer run, just to get access to Lasker Pool afterwards.

I had 7 miles on tap for today, so I ran to the start and did a loop around the northern hills to get a little over 2 miles under my belt before the start. They changed the course for this one-start on 102nd, then counter-clockwise around the lower 5-eliminating the nasty northern hills. I liked that change! Let’s hope they repeat that for the Club Championships next month.

Anyway, as it was a hot and humid day, I just wanted to run comfortably, whatever that may be, and slow for water when I need it too, and try to finish strong instead of fading. I kept it pretty controlled in the first half. A couple of teammates passed me and I just let them go. Around the halfway point, I saw a guy wearing a Harriers shirt (i dont know how that team wears black short-sleeve shirts in the sweltering heat-I was hot just wearing a sports bra!) who was keeping pace with me…he’d surge, then I would, so I sorta used him to pace off of for the remainder. Until the last mile, where I felt strong enough to seriously pick it up…left him in the dust and didn’t look back-picked off a Rez Dog in the process as well!! (i guess i am more competitive than i thought when i see other teams… 🙂 )I had a coupla teammates taking pictures and cheering in the last mile, as well as a bunch of some of my favorite Flyer guys 😉 cheering near the finish. Helped make that last mile feel like a breeze!!

1. 8:30 (west side hills.)
2. 8:19 (thought i had pulled it back but oh well. net downhill mile.)
3. 8:22 (slowed for water at the end of this mile and the beginning of mile 4)
4. 8:28 (cat hill)
5. 7:46 (show time!)

My final time was 41:25, an 8:17 pace…and if that sounds familiar, this is why…that is the exact same net time that I had in the Father’s Day 5-miler. How funny is that? The good news is that even though it was probably warmer today, definitely more humid, and the course a little tougher, that time took much less effort (and my slowest mile this time was my first instead of my last!! no falling apart in the heat this time!) so…i think i know what i want to run in next month’s Club Championships, which will be my next real “race effort”…sub-40 or bust.

After the race, a bunch of us headed to Lasker Pool…where oh.mah.gawd….that cold pool felt so damn good. Think an ice bath without the actual torture of one 🙂 A bunch of us got silly and posed for pictures (and no, I will not be posting them here. :-p) The Flyers were having a picnic over in Harlem Meer, so we joined them after we were done splashing. All in all, a very fun morning.

now playing: “here i am (kaskade radio edit)” ~ david morales


7 thoughts on “splish splash

  1. Nice race! The pool looked refreshing–I’ll have to remember that for next year. The next few days are going to be brutal–think running pre-dawn or midnight?? Or in my case, indoors. I snuck in a couple (outdoor) miles post-swim this morning–it’s already scorching. Good luck!

  2. Well, at least your pace is consistent! :)I think I was near you guys in the pool…every time a flyer got an award, the whole group cheered! I was wearing a crazy pink flowered bathingsuit.

  3. I saw you on Saturday before the run but got a little shy and didn’t say hello. Congrats on the team 2nd place.

  4. Boy this sounds familar…same time, different race. I did that with a couple of 10k’s (net time the same…gun time within 6 seconds!)….but considering you were coming off a few miles pre-race and paced it that consistantly…I’d say this one shows improvement. Next couple days brutal? Try the whole week…summer is here!

  5. runner26-i’ve already decided to make today a cross-training day (spin class.) not sure what to do about speedwork tomorrow-whether to brave it, or do it in the AM or another day.runderwoman-yeah, it was a good day for the team yesterday…3 age-group awards and team awards for both men and women. plus i think we were all going crazy to get the attention of the NYRR photographers too 🙂 who knows, maybe you snuck into some of our photos :)chelly-definitely say hi next time! nice job on what i think was a PR? yeah, not only did our women get a team award but our men got 3rd place-i’m happy for them, they’re really having a great year.uptown girl-and this also happened to me with 2 5K’s last year 🙂 i’m definitely pleased with this one, especially the last mile, felt good to just be flying past runners left and right near the end, instead of just trying to “hang on” and pray that everyone and their mother doesn’t overtake me 🙂

  6. Nice “run” NYFG. Coach J said yesterday that “the only thing speedwork accomplishes in this type of heat is possibly getting you hurt” and that he thought it would be an easy day Tuesday. There was some debate as to whether that’d actually happen amongst the regulars. Since I’ve never gone, I wouldn’t know. Good luck! (For what it’s worth, I’ll be doing my T-run this week on a treadmill.)

  7. ah yes, coach J is very wise 🙂 I wasn’t doing speedwork last summer so I’m not sure what happened on the uber-hot days. i think i’m leaning towards doing something on the AM…fast running is tough for me on the dreadmill.

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