over the hump

3 days down 2 to go…

not the smartest thing i could have done…but anticipating rain tomorrow morning, and having a meeting tomorrow after work, I decided to get in my last weekday run, a 7-miler, during the day today. (i had to take a half-personal day due to something i can’t mention on here 😉 ) don’t know if my legs were just tired from speedwork, or because of the incredibly muggy weather, but the 7.3 miles I ran today took so much more out of me (and was slower-paced) than my long run this past Sunday. I was secretly glad that the Philharmonic got rained out tonite…though it would have been fun to hang out with my fellow Flyers, sip some wine and listen to the music, I was just drained.

Also, a tip to fellow bloggers-if you ever wanted to edit comments on your own blog-this is how you do it. I use that to the fullest extent when I see spammers leave comments (and there have been quite a few in the last few days.)


4 thoughts on “over the hump

  1. Good workout. Great hill training…my legs seemed bogged down in the humidity as well. Glad I’m not the only one.

  2. I hate when that happens–it’s like where did all my energy go? Maybe take an easy day or a rest day–the heat warrants extra recovery I think, especially after speedwork. Are you running the D&S tomorrow?

  3. Muggy weather and Hills are your friends. :)It feels great to run in a “sauna” environment eh?!?! 🙂 hehhee

  4. i took yesterday and today off-yeah, front loading my mileage wasn’t the best thing to do, but sometimes life gets in the way.and yep-i will be running the D & S tomorrow-doing 2-3 miles beforehand and just using it as a training run…it’s gonna be way too hot to race!! can’t wait for the splashing and the picnic! 🙂

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