dog days

no pun intended!! tonite’s speed workout was held at the Central Park “dog track” or Great Hill track (which apparently is .21 miles, not .25 like the webpage says. anyway, the coaches decided to grant us a little mercy in this disgustingly hot and muggy weather-5 x .42 (or 2 laps) with 90 seconds rest inbetween.

Time Pace Comment
1 2:59 7:06 great start!
2 3:02 7:13 still pretty good!
3 3:02 7:13 how’s that for consistency?
4 3:09 7:30 damn. heat getting to me.
5 3:10 7:32 damn again. fell apart in the last lap.

85 degree weather will do that to you! I rushed to the water fountain during the 90-second rests to get some type of refreshment, but that didn’t even seem to help. But still, satisfied with the effort given the conditions. Our ex-pres brought donuts for everyone…but you know my ass was kicked when I couldn’t even think about eating.

The Great Hill track was absolutely packed tonite!! Not only were the Flyers up there, but we also spotted several other teams. Unfortunately, the groups that bring the real crowds showed up near the end of the workout-but thank god, they didn’t start until we were done…it was bad enough that I had to be afraid of soccer balls getting kicked in my path, but man, can we ever have a speed workout where we don’t have to dodge the masses?

Last night was a pretty fun run-a creation of our president, the Full Buck Moon Light Run. (and thankfully-no one acted out a full buck moon…ok, that was bad, wasn’t it.) Though a little on the warm side, was still a very nice night to run, and this was actually the first time I’ve run on the bridges and along the East River path!! Was very cool, may have to integrate into some long runs this summer. Uptown Girl and Sempre Libera and a couple of their TRD teammates joined us for the run and for some beers afterwards! Chatted for a bit at the bar with a Flyer who was another Albany alum…we discussed how our team almost did the impossible during March Madness and reminisced about the days of WT’s, in addition to other things. All in all, a good night for a 6-mile run, some drinking and socializing.

And yes, I did change my picture. I know what a couple of my readers will say and no I’m not changing it back :-p This is the best action shot I’ve seen of me in awhile (and I wasn’t even racing here-was taken during the Arches Run a coupla weeks back.)

now playing: “running one” ~ from the “run lola run” soundtrack


3 thoughts on “dog days

  1. Sounds like a good time, bummed to have missed it. But I was wishing you all luck while chowing Chipotle at my desk Monday night. Unfortunately, it’s looking less than promising for tonight’s philharmonic event too. Boo work!Almost all my non-Flyer runs (which is most of them) involve one or more of the bridges and I always recommend them as a route. I was actually thinking about doing the Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg tomorrow morning. Your post must be a sign to go for it. If you add them to you LSDs, keep in mind that all that climbing can be wearing on the legs until you get used to it.

  2. I love running up on the great hill track. It’s fun. Tough night though as the weather resembled swimming underwater again. I’ll have to share the bridges run I did last year as a long run….

  3. jon-the weather is not looking too promising for the philharmonic anyway…damn rain forecast. as for the bridges, i didn’t really feel the climbing too much…might be payoff from dealing with all the Central Park hills all the time 🙂 I was beat later that night, but that might have just been me having a case of the Mondays. :)uptown girl-i agree it’s a fun workout!! and yep, it was a tough weather night…some of the guys had to run shirtless-not that i was complaining about that at all 😉

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