one week down!

So I wound up a little ahead of the game in terms of the first week of marathon training…28 miles planned, actual 29.4. Not too shabby for a kickoff week. Nope, not at all.

After a 3-day workweek that felt like 5, I was so ready for an alcoholic retreat on Friday evening. In an attempt to break the endless string of rainy East Side happy hours, the Flyers tried a different location for our latest TGIFF-Sutton Place in east midtown. And the Reservoir Dogs joined us again for another “mixer.” Don’t know if it was the fact that it was Friday instead of Thursday…or that we picked a place above 14th street, but it was a much better turnout this time. Was a bit crowded…and the tables that we were originally promised didn’t happen, but that was ok, we just went with it 🙂 every time a table got cleared, our crew wasted no time in snagging it. All in all, it was a beautiful night for some good (albeit overpriced) drinks, great company, great conversation. (and who knew that “CSG” could mean so many things…LOL.)

It was actually a little unofficial “bloggers meetup” of sorts…from our side it was myself, Sister Smile, Skylight and Jon…from the Rez Dogs side was Uptown Girl, Sempre Libera and Morrissey. And I found out I had quite a few other readers too…from both teams, mostly from the Flyers side. There was an article about blogs in last month’s Flyers newsletter, and mine was among those listed. So I had quite a few people asking me questions about and talking to me about my little work rant from the other day. And if you’re reading, I thank you for asking me about it, and I thank all of those who commented too. For understanding that I may not say the right things all the time, and I do talk (or blog) before I think sometimes, but this is where sometimes I do need to get those thoughts out, and the comments do really help…sometimes two (or more!) heads are better than one in terms of formulating a game plan.

OK, enough rambling. Today was long run day. 10 miles were on tap for me so I passed on doing the Bronx Half-I had done this one last year and didn’t really feel the love for it, so I decided to let it go this year. So instead, I decided to do a little out-and-back on the West Side highway down to Chambers St and back uptown…which actually turned out closer to 11 miles than 10-oh well. I figured I needed a break from the park and hills and it would be cooler down by the water…well I was right about the first but not the second. But the heat wasn’t as bad as it was last weekend, so I didn’t feel too affected. (I did need some gatorade after about 6 miles, which I downed in seconds.) Anyway…the run was done at around an 8:50 pace. Good news-the “back” portion was 30 seconds faster than the “out” portion, so it was encouraging that I was able to negative split a long run. Bad news-this was still too fast for a long run. Don’t know if it was because the path is much flatter than the park or that it’s early and my legs still have some freshness. But still, gotta pull back a little… (but at least I earned the right to pig out at Carmine’s later-yum! belated anniversary dinner for the parentals.)

This week, another 28 on tap (this is the “base” portion of my training cycle.) Weekend mileage lower, but weekday mileage a little higher. Which will include a moonlight run tomorrow night, a speed workout Tuesday night, and a coupla miles before the Dash and Splash on Saturday. (and a coupla more runs inbetween.)

now playing: “seasons of love (gomi’s lair club mix)” ~ from the “rent” sountrack


3 thoughts on “one week down!

  1. Feels great to have a week down doesn’t it? Great job.

  2. Great week. Happy running!

  3. thanks guys. the fun has only begun 🙂

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