too confident?

i’ve been accused of many things in my life, but i can’t say being overly confident is one of them.

but this week, that’s how i was feeling about my training. for probably the first time since getting injured, i felt like i was in a good place with my running, the speed was coming back, i was pain-free, i had some decent races this spring, and a fun marathon training cycle to look forward to.

and of course when I start feeling confident about something, you can count on something to quickly bring me back to reality. that thing of course, being work.

there’s a project i am on that is going to require some travel in…you guessed it. september, october, november. just the time when i have to be racking up the miles. dammit!!!!!!!!!

yeah, it’s only gonna be 2-3 days out of a workweek. but it’s going to be several of those weeks. (Good thing I really don’t have a life!) And it will most likely be the beginning of the week, so that means missing Tuesday speedwork…and after I worked so hard these past few months to gain back a little bit of speed. And I’m sure cramming 40 miles into 3 consecutive days is not the best thing to do either…ugh, I really did not want to do this training half-assed. If there is going to be any walking during the marathon, I’d want it to be because I pushed myself to the limit, not due to being ill-prepared.

Look, I know you gotta do what you gotta do to get the job done. (And if this project was at the very least…interesting and fulfilling…maybe I wouldn’t be as upset. Not to mention the people who used to do the travel portion, were retirees/students/other people who didn’t have jobs, who didn’t have as much of a packed schedule.) But don’t I have the right to a personal life, personal goals? I guess not.

Basically, I was this close to tears after hearing about it. Did I make a mistake in ’04 by deciding to concentrate on shorter distances-why didn’t I take advantage of the opportunity when I had it? Did I make a mistake last year by not training through my injury while I actually had the time to really train?

i don’t know. i’m crossing my fingers and hoping for the best, but expecting the worst-that I am going to have to either put this marathon off until ’07, or do it severely undertrained.

you can guess i was fired up on my run tonite-i did the 6-mile Central Park loop at an 8:22 pace-which was faster than I had any right or reason going for an easy run.

thank god for happy hour tomorrow nite…boy, I am going to need to drink a LOT.

now playing: “so under pressure” ~ dannii minogue


12 thoughts on “too confident?

  1. That sucks. . . and this seems to have hit you from out of the blue. I’m sure with some planning over the next few weeks you’ll be able to overcome this setback. But, all the same, I’ll buy you a beer tomorrow night at the HH.

  2. I think you’re actually going to be okay! Maybe you’re one of those people who runs best when undertrained (or when they think they’re undertrained compared to everyone else) (like me! my best races are after forced lay-offs due to injuries) and maybe this well help you do the whole quality vs. quantity thing and stay injury free. i definitely think you might be fine. i’m sorry you’re so disapointed though. feel better!

  3. jon-thanks-it actually didn’t come out of left field…i did sorta know it was coming, but sometimes it just hits like a ton of bricks when hearing it. my mind has been racing with what kind of planning i can do (request weeks when im not peaking, or during taper, or even after!) so we’ll see what happens. let’s drink it up tomorrow :)audrey-thanks for your advice too. the disappointment would be more not getting the full training “experience”…as i believe that’s part of the whole game-i remember how much fun my teammates have had training the last coupla years. and like i said, this is not something i want to do halfway.and keep in mind, i’m sure this would all be a non-issue if i actually liked my job…but thats a whole other story that cannot be blogged about 😉

  4. Won’t you be able to run at all during those days? I’ve been away for parts of my training, and almost always managed to get up early and get a run in, no matter where I stayed.

  5. Traveling for work stinks without the marathon. However, as Thomas mentions, you should try to find a way to get those miles in before/after your work obligations…that’s what I did last year when work got in the way:)As for tonight, drinking is a necessity;)

  6. I’m sorry you have to travel for work–it’s the worst when you feel you have no control over your schedule. But, I also think that sometimes you can be better prepared for the marathon if you are forced to take more rest days, and, you will end up fitting in more quality runs when you can. You will find a way to fully train–runners have that uncanny ability to fit in all the runs they need!Good luck!

  7. thomas and uptown girl-that is true, i think the toughest part will be just finding the time(which is why as long as there are no date conflicts, i am requesting i get LA, san diego and miami…so at the very least i know peeps familiar with the area 🙂 ) so it may not be all bad news. just a little overwhelming.

  8. Bummer news! But perhaps it could be a good thing… I often enjoy running in new areas. Check out Runners World, they feature different cities each month and good running routes to take. Here’s the link to the On The Road section of RW.

  9. If your work schedule allows, try running in the morning while traveling. I travel a lot for work and I find that that’s the easiest time to get a run in. In terms of where to run, you can also ask about suggested running routes at your hotel’s front desk.

  10. thanks all. i think it may not be that bad. as long as i get first dibs on the places/dates i want :-p-hey, I think the PD should be entitled to some perks, am I right? i think the toughest part really will be having time.josh-thanks for that link-as much as Runner’s World has gotten a little too airbrushed as of late, I like that article series…and guess who contributed to this article (but was uncredited in the magazine, those buggers!)TGIFF!!!

  11. It’s awful when work gets in the way of good training. Do your best and have no regrets. Sounds like you have been very smart in your training. Keep it up.

  12. I’m very impressed with all this dedication to your training. You are going to do very well in the marathon, I think. And you should be more confident, you’ve earned it!

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