the things you can do with tie racks…

I decided my whole mishmash of hardware was looking kinda disorganized…no before picture, but here’s the after!

medals and trophy
I had seen this idea on one of the running forums…so a quick trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond, and voila!! But man…for someone who has never run a marathon, I’ve really accumulated a lot in the last 2 years!!

  • Finishers medals from the Mini 10K (2004, 2005, 2006)
  • Finishers medals from the Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff 5-miler (2004, 2005)
  • Finisher medal from the 2005 Nike Run Hit Wonder 5M
  • Finisher medal from a turkey trot I did on Long Island in 2004
  • Finisher medal from the 2005 Vegas Half
  • 6 team award medals from various NYRR races
  • my “Rookie of the Year” medal from the Flyers awards gala in 2005
  • a 1st-place age-group medal from a 5K I did in NJ back in Sept. ’04
  • a 2nd-place age-group trophy from a 5K I did in NJ back in Oct. ’04 (actually was 3rd in my age group…but the 1st place girl in my age group was the 1st overall female, so that moved me up)

So there will be a spot saved in the center for the marathon medal…or I may decide to do something a little more creative with that…we shall see…

What does everyone else do with their finishers medals/other hardware that gets accumulated over time?

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12 thoughts on “the things you can do with tie racks…

  1. I have 3 half medals and 1 full medal laying unceremoniously flat in a clump on a bookshelf. It’s gonna take more than a tie rack to make them look decent!

  2. I wish I had a creative idea for you, but the truth is that I threw out everything but the marathon medals (those are jammed in the back of a drawer somewhere) and a couple of Flyers awards. I cut the ribbons off of the medals I tossed and gave them to a friend’s cat to play with.Here’s an idea I heard from someone else, though: glue magnets to the back of your medals and stick them on the refrigerator.

  3. I actually have a bunch of them here at work…and then I get the comments like “Wow! Did you win all those races?”. LOL! My marathon medals, certificates, and bibs have an area in the apartment dedicated to them. Nothing spectacular but that’s what you get…I’m not too creative with it.

  4. I really dislike clutter, so I tried to hang some medals inconspicuously from a metal bookshelf. They actually blend in pretty well. Your tie rack idea is great! It looks neat and tidy.

  5. All of my medals are in a box, along with all of my bibs and my running logs from the last couple years. Not really big on flashing the bling.

  6. sister smile-i think i did see the magnet idea on the forums. maybe i should do that with the run hit wonder medal :-Dlike some of you, i had all the medals on my bookshelf, but i just needed to do something different (and fill in some of the white space on my wall along with it.) my bibs are just in a box somewhere-i used to clip/staple a printout of my race result to it but got tired of doing that (and considering most of my race bibs are the generic NYRR blue/white bibs…no need to put on display.)i only got a certificate from one race-the vegas half, and it was quite lame…it didn’t have the time printed on it, i would have had to write it in myself! i think i wound up tossing it.thanks everyone-it’s interesting to hear what others do with their race mementos 🙂

  7. I’m not sentimental with that stuff, and I’m not one for clutter; my race bibs I keep in a box after scribbling my time on them, the finisher medals I throw out. I’ll probably keep my marathon medal(s), but otherwise I’ve always preferred pictures or other, more personal (or personalized) mementos. I do like the refrigerator magnet idea.

  8. I just moved, and have been wondering what do do with my medals… I love your idea. As for the bibs….I bought a large poster frame …the bibs are scattered as the background and I will put photos in the foreground. Not done yet, but I’ll send you a photo of the finished product.

  9. i wish we got finisher medals for anything under a 1/2!!! well i did get one medal for a 5K once, but that was it!!

  10. After seeing the photo I feel like such a loser with my one measly medal. But I have a mad collection of those little bag check tags!

  11. I love what you did with your medals. I’ve kept all my numbers so far. I’ll keep your idea in mind for when hopefully I have more than one finishers medal. *grin*

  12. i love it!although it looks like you’ve almost run out of room! you may have to upgrade to one of those motorized tieracks that you can spin around. (you know, the one you buy dad for father’s day!)

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