tempo tuesday

ok, so doing a speed workout mid-day, in 85 degree heat wasn’t exactly the smartest thing to do. but considering today is the last day before going back to hell reality work tomorrow, i just couldn’t bear to set the alarm. and besides, i gotta get used to pushing hard in the heat…la la la.

even though there officially was no Flyers speedwork today, the assistant coach gave me something i could do on my own-do the 4 mile loop with a longish tempo interval in the middle. so the plan would be to start on west drive near the SW corner of the reservoir…easy up west drive and across 102nd street-hard down east drive to 72nd (1.76 miles)-then easy across 72nd and back up west drive to where I began. i tried as hard as possible to really hold back on the easy portions…and really push on the tempo part. The tempo part was very tough in the heat…ok, the warm weather may not be so bad during a shady bridle path run, but when you’re trying to push hard in a speed workout…ugh, maybe I haven’t acclimated as much as I thought. But that interval was done at a 7:45 pace, so I was pretty satisfied. At least I had no problem holding back on the 2nd easy portion…

And 2 pain-free marathon training days so far…that’s 2 more than I had last year.

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3 thoughts on “tempo tuesday

  1. It was a scorcher today. I ran at 9am and it was already brutal. More kudos to you for doing a tempo workout midday. Oh and it’s fun to read other people training for a marathon for a change;)And just think….at least we have a 3 day week to go back to, not 5!

  2. A midday tempo run? You’re an all-star! Make sure to hydrate tonight. I recommend citrus . . . like margarita.

  3. uptown girl-that’s true, but i did receive emails from people who were working on july 3rd (not all my clients/vendors had off) and probably think i work for a company of slackers :-p it’s just a little bit of a crunch time here. however, i will be leaving ON TIME on friday if it kills me ;-)jon-why thanks! i chose to hydrate with a drink involving a different type of fruit…like white grapes 😉

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