playin’ tag!!

shoulda known it’d find me again 🙂 anyway, i’ve been tagged by Thomas-I think I did fill out a similar one a few months back, but what the heck…some things have changed, some haven’t!

4 Jobs I’ve had:
supermarket cashier
telephone interviewer
market research project director
(believe it or not, that was all the jobs i’ve ever had. the 2nd/3rd for a few different companies, since my junior year of high school…let’s just say i got an early start to my current career.)

4 Movies I watch over and over:
lately it’s been…
Bend It Like Beckham (thank the World Cup for inspiration)
Fever Pitch (it’s been on HBO a lot, couldn’t resist)
The Girl Next Door (another one that’s been on HBO a lot lately…great soundtrack.)
Dirty Dancing (another one that’s been on TV lately)

4 Places I have lived:
Flushing, NY
northern NJ
Albany, NY

4 TV shows I watch:
Survivor (reruns!)
Amazing Race (reruns!)
Sex and the City (reruns!)
90210 (reruns!)
(man, TV has seriously deteriorated as of late.)

4 Places I’ve been on Vacation:
South Beach

4 Websites I visit every day:
the Flyers’ website
my blog
other blogs

4 Favourite Foods:
grilled chicken
white chocolate
ice cream

4 Places I’d rather be right now:
anywhere with non-rainy, non-humid, perfectly cool marathon training weather. then multiply that by 4 🙂

4 Favorite Bands/Singers:
Kylie Minogue

4 Bloggers I’ll tag:
i’m biting the bullet this time. don’t hate me. 🙂
Uptown Girl
Jay T


5 thoughts on “playin’ tag!!

  1. You definetely did this before! I think I tagged you with this very same one back in January.

  2. why yes, yes you did. :)some different q’s though…but yeah, i repeated some answers 🙂

  3. This thing is spreading like a bad cold!Help! Help! Stop it before it tags again!

  4. looks like you did just that, dear :-p

  5. Very cool design! Useful information. Go on!And I’ll go on and get rid of any not-so-useful information!!

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