running underwater

well the mercury did decide to creep down a few notches the last coupla nites, but the humidity has just been deadly. well Monday nite’s easy 5.1 was actually pretty good, but I felt like I was running in a pool or something last nite at speedwork. (not that i’ve tried pool running before, i’m just guessing.) our workout started around east 86th…sprint to the Obelisk (around 79th?), stride down Cat Hill to the Boathouse, sprint back up Cat Hill to the Obelisk, then jog back to 86th. And I repeated this 2 more times (with a final sprint to the Obelisk and back for good measure.)

I felt a little off, but that was to be expected given the conditions. My one rant about the workout is how extremely crowded the park is getting on Tuesday nights. I see several of the local running/multisport teams out there…in addition to the NYRR running classes, Team in Training…it seems like no one knows how to share the rec lane, we’re being forced out onto the main road and get yelled at by bikers. Or when I had started my last Cat Hill repeat, someone who wasnt looking ran right in my path and I had to stop short…sorta “broke my stride,” so to say. I know as great as it is that running is so popular, there had to be a drawback somewhere. besides a few lessons in runner etiquette, what can be done to solve the “crowding” issue? Nature of the beast, i guess.

in addition, a (sorta) dating rant (if you don’t want to hear it, don’t read any further-thanks in advance)…last nite I logged into JDate to see if any interesting suitors had viewed my profile lately…anyone worthy enough for me to consider paying again. Didn’t see any of that, but what I did see was that The Ex-Boyfriend’s best friend had viewed my profile. Great. Now he is going to tell my happily married Ex that I am still a big single loser.

Outside, I’m calm. Inside, I’m screaming.


7 thoughts on “running underwater

  1. Being single is great in the city. You can come and go as you please, never have to answer to anyone, get great seats at the theater, can meet friends for drinks whenever you want, and leave your dirty clothes on the floor after a run and it’s all okay.

  2. I laughed when I read your title. That’s exactly how I described my run yesterday morning in my running log:-pAs for the park, yeah that’s what happens. I guess you just have to roll with the punches…

  3. thats how we all felt after speedwork yesterday!! one of the guys actually looked like he had been in a pool…i think we were all tempted to take a dip in the rez or something…as for the other thing…yes, being single in the city is great if only The Ex were still single too!! seriously, the world does not make sense that he is happily married while I am still stuck on bad dates and jdate and what not.

  4. Strangely, I’m finding it easier to run in this weather than other things, like sleep.Maybe the key is to run so far and fast I pass out from exhaustion, thus making the humidity irrelevant. It’s the ultimate training method!

  5. Hey! Now I see why you were missing at tonight’s group run! You missed a second night of soaking.I feel your pain re: dating scene.It sucks!

  6. nope!! i would so have been there with you guys had i not been stuck in the office til 8.

  7. I ran a loop on Tuesday nite too and it was crowded indeed! Also I can’t believe HOW MANY people are in TFK…… favorite team perhaps? ehhhhhhh

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