washed out

yeah, i know that in order for it to be cooler and less humid, it had to rain. wish the timing had been better though. unfortunately a little 8-mile novelty run with the Flyers today got rained out. even though the weather for today actually turned out better than what was forecasted, a lot of this run was going to be “off the beaten path” which may not have been safe with the rainfall we got yesterday. i was really looking forward to this one, i had done a “dry-run” of the course on Thursday night with the run leader and a couple of other Flyers and remembered how fun this run is…without giving too much away, let’s just say there are parts where you almost forget you are in central park. i think this will be rescheduled though.

and i toyed today with whether or not to run…the rain made me less than motivated. like i said before, today wasnt that bad, but considering what was forecasted…and the last time i ran in a major rainstorm…finally mid-afternoon i bit the bullet and headed out for 9.3 miles. the weather was thankfully cooler than last week, the humdity was deadly though…but the light rain felt nice.

oh, and i added a little new feature to my blog…thanks to del.icio.us, i’m trying to work around the fact that Blogger doesn’t offer a category/tag option. not a perfect solution, but works for me!


4 thoughts on “washed out

  1. yeah, this weather’s been crazy stuff, huh? I admire you for getting a long run in. I thought the conditions were a little too taxing mself. oh, well. better luck next week for all of us, eh?

  2. Rain. Rain. Go Away. No, really.By the way, I thought of another “M” drink – the Mai Tai! Yummy!

  3. what is the best way to contact you? email?

  4. brooklyn-not too sure about that…ugh, where the hell had the sun been this week? i was just glad to get speedwork in before the rains started…josh-good choice!! that one strikes me as a more “vacation-y” drink though 🙂 (ooh, just thought of another M drink…Malibu Bay Breeze)will-um…that depends…do i know you? and why do you need to contact me…

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