one third of the trifecta

my favorite trifecta of alcoholic drinks begins with M…margarita, martini, mojito.

so my excessive drinking last week was mostly made up with the first third of that trifecta-mmmmargaritas 🙂 (exception being beer at the Yankee game Thursday, and some wine at the parentals’ house yesterday-yellow tail riesling is some good stuff!!)

so i started off with Tuesday’s margarita madness, which continued to Wednesday…Wednesday being our usual “run to alcohol” group run, we decided to mix up the venues a little bit and headed over to Blue Moon over on the UES for an hour worth of open bar!! so we downed some regular margaritas over chips, salsa, guacamole and other Mexican goodies. even when the hour was up, i was somehow able to sweet-talk the bartender into giving me a raspberry margarita on the house (and of course my teammate said “were you flirting with the bartender again?” teehee.)

Friday was the latest installment of the Flyers‘ summer happy hours and we returned to the west side (the best side!) and to a favorite summer venue, the Boat Basin. Unlike 2 weeks ago, the weather was perfect and the place was packed. A good bunch of Flyers showed up and we had a great time…and the drinks were so flowing. oh boy, i almost forgot how powerful those strawberry margaritas are. wasn’t hammered, but beautifully buzzed. nice way to end a crazy end to a workweek (seriously, what kind of client schedules a meeting at 2pm on a Friday in the summertime?)

so the dog days of summer are underway. the season where i really see everybody and anybody i know in the park. during my own solo 5.1 mile recovery run today, not only did i see the Flyers group run, but i saw a few other teammates doing their own solo runs too, another one just as i was leaving the park…and i think i spotted the TRD group run as well. and this “seeing everyone i know” thing isn’t limited to running…while i was in the park Saturday getting ready to leave after lying down, catching some rays, reading some magazines, listening to music and nursing my hangover, i run into a Harrier that I know and we chatted for a few minutes. it’s amazing how in less than 2 years, going from being pretty much anonymous to feeling like i know everyone…that Central Park is truly my home away from home, whether I am running there or not.

(and said home away from home is gonna be overrun with a shitload of people on Wednesday and Thursday…yep it’s that time again. i’ll be running on Wednesday in lieu of speedwork for the week. under protest though. i think i will be ditching the company t-shirt this year-heavy cotton and 80+ degree weather just do not mix.)

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7 thoughts on “one third of the trifecta

  1. i hate the t-shirts too. wearing heavyweight cotton with temp in the 80’s will only make matters worse! ill be running wednesday too! good luck and take it easy! There are no chips!

  2. man, i wish my company would spring for coolmax or dri-fit…no such luck 🙂 and try wearing it with the temps in the 90s…as it was 2 years ago. i think i tore my shirt off the minute i crossed the finish.good luck to you too! yeah, i know im gonna have to go by my watch for this one…

  3. Good luck out there! I’m running it on Thursday. I actually like our shirt design, but they are cotton and that’s going to suck. You’ll have to let me know how crowded it is – even in the racers start!

  4. Alcoholic trifecta… Nicely worded.

  5. Oh boy…margaritas at Boat Basin…a great way to celebrate a birthday;)Goodluck tomorrow!

  6. Just send me a map of all these cool places to hang out :).Enjoy the weather and the hot races. Midsummer Day here was wet and windy, I had to head to the gym for a run as I would have been blown over – Gusts of 60 mph!Oh, how I long for the fall 🙂

  7. thanks everyone!don’t have time right now to write up a full report, but i was pretty happy with my time-27:40.i got there early (before 6:30) and got as close to the front as i could-like right behind the elite section-that definitely helped with the crowding…so those who are running this for time today, definitely do that.

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