feelin’ hot, hot, hot

well, the roles…or at least weather conditions were reversed for the june points races this year. Last year, the Mini 10K (women’s points race) being hot as hell, while the Father’s Day 5 miler (the men’s points race, one week later, was perfect conditions. This year, the Mini 10K had perfect conditions…so you can guess what this year’s Father’s Day 5M was like.

Basically, after hearing that today would bring record high temperatures, I knew that would make for a slow race. And this is a fast course-clockwise lower 5, so no Harlem Hills or Cat Hill. My 5-mile PR was here 2 years ago, in much more favorable conditions.

So the fashion report-pretty much the same as last week-except I ditched the singlet before I even walked out the door. Yeah, pretty much down to the bare minimum.

The start was pretty much a disaster-though I was lined up by the 7-minute pace marker, it was the usual bottleneck-I think something really needs to be done about the starts of the NYRR races…they are always accidents waiting to happen.

The “race” itself was pretty much uneventful-I pretty much gave up trying to race in the first mile-the bad start and the elements just really got to me, so just made it a tempo run and a survival game for me-to finish without having to walk. Splits were 8:08/8:26/7:58/8:23/8:30 (mile 2 again was long and 3 was short.) Overall finished in 41:25, 8:17 pace (by my watch-didn’t get a chip time.) Was very similar to my time in last fall’s Poland Spring 5M which was done as my first post-injury race, but in perfect weather conditions, so I was pretty optimistic that if the weather gods would have behaved today, I would have really had a good race. Besides, I had my good race last week 🙂 But man…I was in bad shape at the finish. I don’t think I’ve felt that crappy after a run in quite awhile. There were bagels and fruit at the finish but I could not eat a thing. I grabbed two cups of water-one to drink and one to pour over my head-yet that refreshment was short-lived.

Afterwards…I hung around with a bunch of my male teammates (and those who read this blog can vouch for the fact that I was in bad shape after the race :-p ,) swapping war stories from the day, and getting misted by a hose that someone was nice enough to turn on for the runners. We stuck around for the raffle as well, and one of my lucky teammates won Jets tix!!

And apparently me running today wasn’t a total waste besides getting a tempo run in…the Flyer women placed second among the women’s teams and I was the fifth scorer for the team. Looks like they still would have gotten it even if I didn’t run, but it’s always nice to get a team medal-haven’t gotten one of those in quite a while. So there was some good news to come out of today’s race. 🙂

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there…I’m off to NJ to see mine today!!

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9 thoughts on “feelin’ hot, hot, hot

  1. it was horrendous out there today! I didn’t ‘race’ it either, but I felt totally wrung out at the end. Thought I might lose it in the last mile. Was feeling a bit faint. I haven’t had much of a chance to acclimate to the heat yet.

  2. It was brutal! I haven’t run that slow in ages. Just glad to have finished on my feet!

  3. Hey, it’s fun reading your blog to see what flyer stuff I’m missing out on while I’m at work. The mango margarita stuff sounds yummy. I missed the run today, but I caught some flyers on tv before rounds. I only went outside to get an iced coffee and I thought I was gonna pass out….and I was raised in Dallas!

  4. you were totally right when you told me there were no harlem/cat hills in this course! i hate the bottlenecks and i hate the fact that course is so narrow and everyone had to be bunched in the first few miles by red cones-but, despite all of this, you got a medal! Congrats and that is a pretty good time especially with the uncomfortable weather! I always thought i would enjoy these conditions, boy was i wrong! I was sweating like a dog after mile 1!

  5. You know the title of your blog entry makes me want to start a conga line:-pIn any event, I guess I must have brought this weather from the south. Sorry…lol.

  6. It’s summertime alright. I hope you’re feeling better. You have a great attitude about the heat though and Yay for the raffle winning!

  7. debbie and snowflake-oh boy i hear ya. i was so incoherent at the end i think it took me a few minutes to speak in full sentences again 🙂 i was just happy to finish without walking (unlike my meltdown in last year’s mini 10k.) once again, the summer heat came on full-force and without warning…yelbis-and ya know, i still need to write a brief snippet on wednesday nite 🙂 now those were some good margaritas!! be glad you passed on sunday. seriously. :)morrissey-yeah, i didn’t pay too much attention to the “stay in the rec lane” at the beginning (though one of my teammates was acting as a marshal-sorry DM!) but thanks, i was happy with my time and the fact that i didn’t have to walk. as for the team medal-i found out i was actually the 8th flyer female…2 women didnt put the NYF on their application and another had a faster chip time but started further back. so this one’s a little bittersweet, but i’ll take it :)uptown girl-the post title was gonna be either this or “hot in herre” did i choose right? :-prunner26-yes, why do i actually sorta like this season again? 🙂 just grin and bear it…the payoff will come in the fall!!

  8. nice race report. Sorry the conditions were so brutal. I feel fortunate to have gotten my run in the day before, though I really kind of missed not having anybody to cheer on.It’ll get hotter before it gets cooler…but isn’t this the time of year the starting horns begin to sound about 8, instead of 9? that should help

  9. yep, starting with the Bronx half, they move the race starts back to 8 or 8:30. however, i think that i will be taking a racing hiatus til the Club Team Championships in August. not really motivated to race right now.

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