drinking it up

out of curiosity, did i join a running club 2 years ago or a drinking club? 🙂 (not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

it’s funny, yet another thing my co-workers don’t seem to get…they find it contradictory when i say “i’m going drinking with my running club”-like just because we’re athletes it means we are on the wagon all the time. yes, there are some nights (like this past Friday) where I can’t partake, but if there’s nothing pressing the next morning…I say go for it!!

So already this week…I knocked back some beer after the relay on Sunday…

Then last nite, after my stint of watching everyone’s bags at speedwork (and finding out more and more Flyers have found my blog-c’mon, why are you all so quiet-out yourselves! :-p ) I partaked in what was a tradition around this time last year after speedwork-margaritas!! In honor of our Cali teammate being back in town for a week, me, her and a coupla others hit Mary Ann’s and knocked back a pitcher of strawberry margaritas, then a pitcher of mango* margaritas. yummmmm…..

Tonite…more drinks after the group run…Friday…the next installment of our summer happy hours (and also snuck in there will be the annual Yankee game with the office tomorrow)

Yikes, I think I’ll be doing more drinking than running this week.

*On a side note-the mango margaritas reminded me of a certain episode of Beverly Hills 90210, and as both my brother and I know way too much useless 90210 trivia, I felt obligated to start a text-message dialogue:

me: “I’m drinking a ‘mucho mablo mango margarita’ right now-thought I’d share”
bro: “Who let you into the Walsh house?”
me: “Brandon did-with the rest of the party guests”
bro: “Well-be sure to take the keys for Mondale”
me: “Not unless Brenda and Dylan take them away”

we both need help…


4 thoughts on “drinking it up

  1. I used to live for 90210. My world has not been quite right since it went off the air. What teenage girl didn’t want to date Dylan and be Kelly? Ahh..the good old days!

  2. “A Drinking Club with a Running Problem “

  3. Now you do realise that when I am over in November you will have to show me all these haunts and take me drinking as well 🙂

  4. i thought the Harriers were the drinking club with a running problem…we need to find our own schtick :)as for 90210, it sorta went downhill the last coupla seasons…and i was more of a Brandon girl than a Dylan girl. 🙂 Thank god for the repeats on SoapNet!!

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