the devil wears asics

(this blog post title inspired by the trailers for the upcoming movie The Devil Wears Prada.)

Today was the Circle of Friends NY Mini 10K…a special race, not only for the traditions and for the elite presence, but for me, this was an anniversary race of sorts-was my first race as a Flyer 2 years ago. so in a way, was like coming full circle…or something like that.

as i have said before, this is one race that the weather can make or break. 2 years ago, was good weather, a good race. last year…was incredibly hot and muggy, ran a 2 minute positive split due to having to walk several times in the 2nd 5K…and honestly would have DNF’ed if it weren’t for our guys out cheering us on. So this morning, breathed a sigh of relief to see a day in the high 50’s, low humidity…little bit on the windy side, but all in all, not bad.

and before the day/race report, of course, the fashion report: red Flyer singlet, my new “makeshift” black Flyer sports bra (basically a plain black sports bra with a Flyers patch on it-so if I made a last-minute decision to ditch the singlet, the logo is still pretty visible,) my black Adidas Supernova shorts, thin black headband, and the new orange and white Asics DS-Trainers. I was very psyched to wear them to race in, they served me well on Cat Hill the other day, I was sure they’d serve me well today!!

So this morning…stretched, had a nice little warm-up jog on the way to the park, dropped off my baggage, stretched a little more…jogged over to where the women for the local competitive start were meeting. For this race only, the local club women who can run sub-8 pace for 10K could line up right behind the elites. I know I have been pretty much borderline in that category lately…but I had a feeling I could do it today. So I set my time goal for the day-live up to my “seeding” so to say 🙂 So, we lined up and just started chatting amongst ourselves…through the announcements and special guests and elite announcements…I could tell the women were getting quite antsy and just wanted to race. 🙂 Finally we were off!! And here’s the mile-by-mile replay…

1. This mile is straight up Central Park West, from 61st to 81st street. wide open, pretty much flat with a little uphill (but child’s play compared to the park.) my strategy for this mile was to take advantage of it, but not too much advantage. Bit of a headwind in this mile. Saw our assistant coach cheering over by the first mile marker. This mile was 7:37-perfect, right on plan.

2. We continued up CPW and then entered the park at 90th street. right when we entered, I saw Sempre Libera and a bunch of her TRD teammates cheering and was barely able to say a breathless “thank you” before continuing on. My strategy for this mile was to pull back a little bit to save my legs for the climbs in the next 2 miles. This mile was 7:59-still pretty good!

3. From the 102nd street transverse…up one hill, down another, then partially up another. Spotted EV running in the opposite direction and cheering for us. Tried to grab some Gatorade but spilled half of it while trying to funnel. Anyway, this mile was 7:59-good, much better than this mile at the Kidney 10k! Hit 5K at 24:31…wait a minute, wasn’t this my 5K split 2 years ago?

4. once again, this mile was a bitch. the previous headwinds had now turned into crosswinds. i was totally prepared for this one to be over 8 minutes. just hung in there and gutted it out. near the mile 4 marker by Engineer’s Gate, i spotted LH cheering and RB with camera in hand as usual 🙂 This mile was 8:21-ok, I allowed for this, it’s fine, and once again, much better than the Kidney 10K.
5 miles down, 1 to go!
5. time to put the hammer down and pick it up. Spotted the TRD crew again cheering by 84th street. 🙂 tried to use the downhills as much to my advantage as possible and speed down them. our asssistant coach was once again cheering near the end of this mile, at 72nd…but didn’t see a big Flyer contingent as there was last year. was a little bummed at that, but did appreciate the ones who did come out and cheer along the course. anyway, this mile was 7:43…looks like my goal is within sight!!

6. i was getting tired (and hot!) here, but figure as long as this mile was under 8, all was well. spotted our men’s masters captain out cheering. spotted 3 women ahead of me in CPTC singlets…i sorta made them my targets, i wanted to beat at the very least one of them. this mile was 7:56…now time for the kill!

The last .21 was 1:41…i did wind up passing one of those CPTC women, and tried to keep in mind the last speed workout we did up that hill…tried to visualize a faster runner pacing me or something. maybe it did the trick. the end chute was crowded, a lot of people cheering…including a coupla Flyers…saw EV again (who told me afterwards that I “looked like I wasn’t even breathing hard” lol…i may have made it look easy, but it didn’t feel easy! 🙂 )

So-my final result was 49:16, 7:56 pace (24:31/24:45 5K splits.) Looks like I earned my lineup spot 🙂

Afterwards, got my obligatory finishers medal and red rose. Saw Uptown Girl, who had just run a PR! I hung around with some of my teammates for a bit before heading to brunch (complete with mimosas!) on the east side in honor of one of our teammates who had moved to Cali last year and was back in town.

So, today was a good day, pretty much in line with how I performed in the Queens half-definitely redemption from 1 year ago and pretty much ran a similar race to 2 years ago…which is what I’m trying to reclaim 🙂 Also, for the first time in a very long time, I left the iPod at home for a race. Partially because I didn’t feel I needed it for this particular one as the crowd support is great. And did the shoes make a difference? Hard to tell if they made *the* difference between now and 3 weeks ago, but they really felt good.

Already looking forward to this race next year!! Always fun to have the women rule for a day 🙂

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8 thoughts on “the devil wears asics

  1. Congrats on a great race! What a difference a year makes…:) Windy but I’ll take the wind over that horrendous day last year any day!It was definitely fun to be right there with the elites…and glad you were able to use the mind game to set your goal. It’s nice to see you continuing to improve and I have a feeling a good sign of the months to come!Congrats and yeah it’s all about the shoes;-)

  2. HUGE congrats on a good run! I was envious of all of you notching a great 10K during great weather. Good to see you out there.

  3. Damn- 7″56 pace! That is awesome! Congrats and you definitely kicked major arse in this race!Yes it was windy, but thank goodness there wasnt a torrential downpour like the past few days… 😛

  4. Great race! You were so fast, I almost missed you entirely the second time around 🙂

  5. hey!Great race! Thanks for the comment in my blog–I didn’t think anyone would actually find it! Your race report really covers it all–it was fun to read your comments on each mile, and yes, mile 4 was my most difficult too. Great job!

  6. Congrats on a great race.

  7. uptown girl-thanks and congrats to you too!! the “elite” start was fun wasn’t it? i’m glad it was organized better this year-last year a bunch of us showed up but no one was there to escort us over, so we just wound up walking to the start and sneaking in near the front wherever.brooklyn-thanks-and i seem to remember a certain someone notching a great 10K PR a few weeks ago in great weather ;-)morrissey-thanks!! and i did have enough in the tank for a nice recovery run today ;)sempre libera-thanks-and glad you guys did see me, those cheers are part of what keeps me going in the second half! :)runner26-i did a search for blog posts on the mini 10k and yours came up. good to see some more Flyers joining the blog world!! looking forward to reading more.dawn-thanks for the congrats!!

  8. hey, great job. way to develop a plan and stick to it.

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