membership has its privileges

amex blue cardeven though there are places it’s not accepted, ahhh…the perks of being an Amex cardmember…membership rewards points to redeem on cool things…and this week, pre-sale tix to the U.S. Open!! my brother gave me the heads up this morning and I snatched up tix for a day session during the first week. for years, we’ve said we’d try and get tickets but for whatever reason, we never have (i’m thinking that everything except the ridiculously expensive tix got sold out too quickly or something?) so this should be fun 🙂

on a completely unrelated topic, anyone else catch the Apprentice finale last nite? i was satisfied with the winner-anyone else? i just wish they had done a review of the tasks in the boardroom…it seemed reminscent of season 1 when Omarosa lost the final task for Kwame. Would have been interesting to see instead of a ping-pong match of “who’s smarter.”

and as if i didn’t already have an excuse to push hard in speedwork tonite (the new shoes!) last nite my latest dating prospect sorta gave me the cold shoulder when i saw him. meh. not angry, just disappointed, i would have liked a 2nd date with this one, but what can you do. at least it happened the day before speedwork…time to channel it again into running and racing… 🙂


5 thoughts on “membership has its privileges

  1. Yup – saw the apprentice finale at the gym last nite and all i have to say is it is by far the worse final two ever! :pIm no AMEX member, but I’ve marked 6/12 on my calendar! 4 straight day sessions of the USOPEN here i come!!!!!Also, the weekend before the opening day is the most exciting. You probably know this, but you get to meet and greet a lot of great players in the practice courts. It’s Free!

  2. hmm, i wouldn’t say it’s the worst final 2 ever (i’d give that honor to kelly vs. jen m…or maybe tana vs. kendra.) i actually liked sean and was hoping he’d win. yeah, he was a little metrosexual and over-the-top, but it cracked me up. (did you notice the boos for randal?)

  3. Thanks! The US Open is a lot of fun…hopefully I get the offer I had last year…as in going via work and sitting in the luxury suite;0) Unfortunately, it looks like I won’t be here for the beginning…well not so bad..considering I’ll be vacationing:)

  4. oh thats right…falls right after H2C weekend, right? (not to mention the inaugural NYC half! the city is gonna be a zoo that weekend.)nice deal you get from work!! i wish my company would get us seats in the luxury boxes instead of the upper tiers for our annual Yankee fun day. but can’t ever say no to a free game, regardless of where you’re sitting 🙂

  5. Horrible final two for the fact that it was simply a landslide victory for Sean. Oversized shirts, leaving Lenny responsible for some of the tasks and lack of organization was the downfall for LeeWhat is up with Sean putting “hairspray” on his hair? Another thing, Tammy must be under Sean’s spell….. her response to Trump (somewhere along the lines of), “yes he has passion and passionate enough to run in your organization Mr. Trump” was total kiss arseDid you see Charmaine? Damn she looked fine! hahaaYeah I heard the boos but Randall could’ve been a bit more diplomatic with his decision for Rebecca of last season…can’t wait to get tickets for the first week of the open though! Speaking of baseball, gonna see them against the sox tonight!!

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