a new (shoe) love

sorry, Mizuno Wave Precision 5’s. you will always be my first love. but i have to let you go. i’ve found someone new. you may be gone, but you will never be forgotten…

i guess you can tell from that, that my first run report in the DS-Trainers will be a good one. It’s a great one. Very reminiscent of my first couple of runs in the Wave Precisions. The shoe felt great-light and very responsive-I almost had to hold myself back on my warm-up and cool-down jogs. With my orthotics in them, I felt like there was enough stability-didn’t feel wobbly like the Speedstars did. The toughest part will just be the willpower of limiting them to speedwork and short races, but I can tell myself that it’ll all be worth it in the long run…and they’ll last longer, won’t have to buy them as often…

So armed with those flashy orange shoes, was I ready to take on Cat Hill? hells yeah!! workout tonight was 8 repeats with recoveries-didn’t cover the entire hill though, i think we only did about .19 mile of it.

splits 1:15/1:21/1:24/1:26/1:25/1:26/1:27/1:24

whoa!! i didn’t really look at my watch until the end…man, did i really rabbit that first repeat. don’t know if it was the shoes making me feel good, or if i’m always gonna do the first repeat that much harder than the others. Eventually, settled into a consistent pace for the repeats, then tried to pick it up for the last one. This felt loads better than the last time I did Cat Hill in speedwork. (well, my legs felt better. i never like the heavy breathing that short, intense repeats cause. and unlike last time, i didn’t feel like yelling back at the coaches :-p)

so, i’m hopeful for saturday, as long as i take it easy the remainder of the week. preliminary weather reports look better than last year-fingers crossed!!

now playing: “these words (lenny b extended mix)” ~ natasha bedingfield


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