once bitten…

anyone know of a good remedy for mosquito bites?

i swear, those little suckers couldn’t stay away from me on friday nite at the Central Park boathouse, even though we were in the inside bar. oh well, price you pay for trying to look cute.

but man, i’m just everso amused that once again, it rained for our boathouse happy hour. During the summer, the Flyers have happy hours every other Friday-our TGIFFs (Thank God It’s Flyer Friday) We alternate between the east and west sides, and the Boathouse has been the east side venue for as long as I’ve been a Flyer. However, it seems to have been cursed since last year as…
June ’05-rain forces us inside. that’s ok, party still goes on.
July ’05-rain forces us inside. that’s ok, party still goes on.
August ’05-starts off dry, but wait just one minute…oh man, is that rain? alright, time to head inside. 🙂

So Friday morning, one of my teammates emails me saying that “it looks like you’ll be maintaining your 100% rain-on-the-east-side record intact tonight!” All I could do is laugh. Maybe it’s a sign that the west side truly is the best side 🙂

But despite the wet weather, and the subway issues that I am sure snarled many a commute, we had a good turnout of Flyers old and new, and I knocked back a few much-needed mojitos (yeah, it was that kind of a week.)

oh, and i have an intuition that i may be getting a new influx of readers soon. in advance, i say hi and welcome and don’t be shy 🙂


4 thoughts on “once bitten…

  1. i know this is going to gross all the bloggers reading this, but whenever I get one on my arms or legs, i would use a sterile needle to prick it, get the pus out and douse it with rubbing alcohol. (viola!) the annoying itch is gone for good! Afterwards you gotta’ moisturize it. Happy west nile :o)

  2. Having grown up in Houston (which is mosquito heaven), the best remedy I’ve found is Tiger Balm. It’s meant for muscle pain but it’s actually a fantastic itch reliever, and the smell scares away more mosquitoes. Just don’t rub your eyes afterwards!

  3. thanks, sempre libera-i think i’m gonna give that one a shot.sorry morrissey, right now needles don’t sound too appealing to me so i’ll pass on your suggestion :)(and this is why i could never be a “survivor” contestant…i dont know how they dealt with all the bug bites…)

  4. I use aloe vera sunburn gel. Discovered how useful it was on mosquito bites by accident and now I keep it handy, especially this time of year. Just a little dab’ll do ya.

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